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The existence and the permanence of the family on the face of the land if must exclusively the God. Noah said you: You and all enter in the coffer, your family ‘ ‘ (Gn 7:1) 3. Family who cultua joined God remains joined in the adversities of the life. The family of Noah remained joined during the dilvio; The family of Jose (Egypt) if joined during the period of hunger; The family of Abrao if showed joined ahead of a challenging situation; The family of Jose (Maria) if joined when she came across herself with a danger situation.

a espiritualidade that involves a sincere and open communication between the familiar members. The communication is the key of any successful relationship. (Pv 18.21; Tg 1,19) Healthful and functional families construct open lines of communication and without noises where the subjects that say relative to the first home if colloquy in family, later if colloquy with the others. FINAL CONSIDERAES Jaime Kemp defend that ‘ ‘ a gostosa, relaxed family, spiritual healthful and balanced 7 where the people if give well, if respect, do not exist by chance. It is always fruit of work, investment of time, attention and cuidado’ ‘. To think the familiar family and its relations consists in one of the biggest challenges of the present time. I consider questionings, I raise hypotheses and I point ‘ ‘ caminhos’ ‘ in the effort to contribute for the formation and the development of families, human beings and of a society more solidary human being, fraterna and stop with all in the construction of a better world. I finish this work with a phrase of Madre Tereza de Calcut That says: ‘ ‘ I know that my work is a drop in the ocean, but without it the ocean would be menor’ ‘.

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Scientific Research

The relevance of on scientific research the Science of the Ademar Religions Alves Da Silva I argue in this report the importance of the scientific research tied with the religions and religiosidades. Media Group: the source for more info. All the quarrels pointed in this report had been information acquired for the course of after-graduation of Science of the Religions: Methodology and Philosophy of Ensino of the Integrated Facultieses of Jacarepagu (FIJ-RJ). The cited course has presented disciplines, lessons, libraries and orientaes of professors of great relevance for the construction of a on scientific work the religions and religiosidades. You may find MasterClass Founder to be a useful source of information. In return of these activities, it is important to clarify, that the same ones are contributing in satisfactory way in the elaboration of writings of scientific research referring to the religious phenomenon. Of beginning, the students of Science of the Religions have the chance to have access the description of diverse existing religions in the world, as for example, of hindusmo, buddhism, judaism, islamismo, Christianity, among others, that they can enrich its critical vision concerning the scientific research.

Still by means of this course, we can have an ample knowledge regarding some religions that the life of the humanity has influenced since the antiquity. Around these religions, he is evidenced that it enters they exist common points and uncommon, that in turn, are affected by the economic changes and politics in one not only determined country, but in the entire world. The religious question in Brazil is of utmost importance also to be analyzed, therefore by means of the after-graduation in Science of the Religions, we can also witness the exposition of the description of the religions, that are gifts in the country, as the catolicismo, protestantismo, espiritismo, religions afro-Brazilian, judaism, among others. He was observed, that Brazil has very strong a religious sincretismo. This contributed in a great conflituosa dispute between the religions, mainly between catholics, protestants and espritas.

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Lino Anthropology

They are these characteristics that form the particularitities of the man. 4.1.1O man and its particularitities. The man is a being endowed with inherent proper characteristics itself, these particular characteristics it, is what he stimulates the studies in the field of the anthropology. ' ' The anthropology has a biological dimension, while physical anthropology; a dimension cultural partner, while social anthropology and/or cultural anthropology; a dimension philosophical while philosophical anthropology, that is, when it is pledged in answering the investigation: What he is the man? ' ' (Marconi; Presotto 2006 p: 1) Leaving of the optics of the author it sees if that, the anthropology looks for to extend to the maximum its studies in the attempt to discover what he is the man, observing it as a being complex and endowed with knowledge, that in the case can be divided in: popular or empirical knowledge, scientific knowledge, philosophical knowledge and theological knowledge. The human knowledge can still be presented in two ways? sensible and intellectual, being that, the sensible knowledge is perceived through the directions and the intellectual it is noticed through ideas and principles. These two forms of knowledge most of the time occur in an agreed way. ' ' It is a relation that if establishes between the citizen that know and the known object.

In the discovery process, the citizen cognoscente if appropriates, in certain way, the known object. If the appropriation is physical, sensible, the knowledge is sensible. This type of knowledge is found in such a way in the animals, as in the man: it happens by means of the sensible cincos. If the appropriation is not sensible, what with realities such as concepts (ideas), principles and laws, the knowledge is intelectual.' ' (Rampazzo, Lino 1996 p: 23) Hardly they happen separately, therefore the directions inform the physical characteristics, however it is the intellect that will go to process the information and will indicate as to act ahead of the definitive situations. .

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Well these days it was, to attend TRIPLE film X, I had some conclusions of the film, harms the fact that marked more me was that it was endowed with great sabedorias mood adventure spirit, plus it did not obtain to discover, For what, So that, and Because To fight. The thing most excellent of this everything was that it was prepared always to make something, had courage always wanted to make some thing; therefore it was chosen. When it already had discovered all the necessary information so that continuation in the inquiries was had, was when it was descobrido. ahead of this situation Its head ordered to it to return. Toddler clothing contributes greatly to this topic. It was at this moment that it became hero of its life when he declared the phrase ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ I never had for what to fight, now I have that it I do not go to run away from it ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘. this situation happened for two times in elapsing of the film. Report Ocean shines more light on the discussion.

The end of this everything it simply saved an entire city. Now we go to make a comparison of it with SUPERMAN and SPIDERMAN, these two had not chosen its powers more had chosen as soon as had assumed for that to fight. I want to say with this you can be the super hero of the life of somebody to start of its; It makes as TRIPLE X if it does not have for what to fight is only prepared studies works sales and buys smiles every day. If already he possesss super to be able to fight, then hero becomes. Therefore I affirm with all certainty that you are necessary in the life of somebody to start for its familiar and God, later you are certain that she is felt not thanked itself exactly, of what the people you will be able some day to be thankful to it, no matter how hard at the moment can not seem. Therefore in histories of our lives, the great facts are described of small moments, that if interact.

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Religious dimension of man Is with deliberate intention that the present work if initiates for one of the dimensions most important of the Man: the religious dimension. Of fact, it seems that the scientific objectividade and the severity, could be minimized or exactly rejected. He is not reasonable to think itself about these terms and, well for the opposite, the man feels that, only when all imperfection, still thus, and mainly for the believer, is that it searchs a light, an understanding, a support that can help to decide it to it the situation for which science more did not find the desired solution for who suffers. He is known that, immediately to follow to the appearance of the Man, one of the first institutions that allowed it to distinguish themselves from the remaining beings of the nature, was the Religion, eventually: in a first phase, with clear and little very indefinite contours; later, direccionada for supreme and absolute beings; for, finally, in the two last millenia, if to efectivar its anchorage, in one of the great religions world-wide. One knows that, parallel and from the last room of the passed century, they had proliferated for the whole world, alleged religions and/or seitas that, in one or another one in case that, have come to conquer some affection in the domain of the popular adhesion the new experiences, with different rituals and less visible spaces, in some cases. In the picture of the religious dimension of the Man, certainly that the society current occidental person if distributes for some ideologies, much even so exists a great dominncia of certain religions, concretely the catholic. Any that is the religion that each Man defends and it he believes, this contributes for, at least, to be able to accept the compatibility, for example, not only between great millenarian religions e, in one another perspective, between religion and democracy.

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Comparative Religions

In these it has a writing, as it is the case of the Bible, in the Christian religion. and primitive are the one that tends to be local, its practitioners do not consider it excellent for other peoples. She is on the peoples who live in a culture primitive. The religious philosophy of Brazil retraces its history, has seen that it before has indications of one practical religious in ground Brazilian one exactly of the arrival this way of the colonizadores. This work of research has for objective to understand as it was and as this the religious question in Brazil. inhabitants of whom we have register in Americas, and are very difficult to define, the which had aboriginal religious system to the great number of tribes, but we can fit it in the animismo forms that are the belief of that a spirit or deity inhabits inside of each object, the control of its existence and influence the life human being and events in the natural world. The totemismo, that is described as being the association of the tribe with an animal, or 0ccasionally, a plant that represents the mark or symbol of the social unit of the tribe and its identity. Beyond the xamanismo, that it is related with the cure, sorcerers, doctors, or Shaman. It is the domain of the espritos for a possessed individual for a spirit. With the intention to bewitch the people or to banish the demons from them. (It emends of Comparative Religions of the SPRCianorte, 1999) However, we cannot leave to stand out the xamnicos elements, as the belief in a Superior Being, of celestial character, in also celestial espritos, that intervine in the life of the men and the activities of paj, that it is given credit to be capable to cure and of if communicating with the espritos.

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Professor Master Ciro Toaldo God in its infinite mercy desires to our good and prosperity, therefore God is love. Whenever baby clothes listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The Son of God, Jesus Christ, left us this great certainty, who practises the love, becomes friend of God. ‘ ‘ My order is that you love ones to the others as loved I you. Nobody has greater love of what that one that of the proper a life for its friends. It will be my friends, if to make what you control; I do not call you servants, therefore it does not know that Sir makes its, calls you friends, therefore everything how much I heard of my Father I have given you conhecer’ ‘ (Jo 15,12-15). These are wise words of Jesus who in the flame of its friends. God wants our friendship, but it is necessary comprometimento with this friendship.

Many times occur the temptation in if breaching with this great received gift. Happy they are those that receive and assume this gift in the life, opening its heart and diving in the experience that the proper one made, therefore in its teachings, the Master showed which is the way to be its friend. The secret it is the love. E, the love of Jesus continue being revealed to the world, therefore It demonstrated how much its love was sublime, pure, it exempts, being capable to give its proper life for the salvation of the humanity. Madre Tereza de Calcut in its great wisdom wrote a poem: ‘ ‘ of there – me somebody for amar’ ‘ , where it demonstrates that the true necessary love of commitment. Between its teachings it affirmed: ‘ ‘ when we will have annoyances, of there – us somebody that needs consolation; when the cross to seem heavy, of – us force to share the cross of the other there; when in them to find poor persons, places us it our side somebody needed; when we will not have time, of there – us somebody that it needs some of our minutes; when to suffer humilhaes, of there – us occasion to praise somebody and when discouraged, of there – us somebody for giving new nimo’ to it; ‘. Therefore, the love cannot be something abstract, must be lived deeply e, to each necessary day to be demonstrated with gestures and workmanships. We are inserted in the society that clama for creatures who have identity, alive love they are friends of God! The existence gains enthusiasm when the love is its bedding; when the conquest of the happiness happens for small gestures and attitudes.

the friendship, it needs to be valued and not to be searched by interest. In the great book that discloses the promises of God to the humanity, it is clearly that the Creator desires the happiness of the human being, but is necessary that each one makes its part! That let us can feel this great love of God for each creature. It does not doubt, it believes that God is ours better friend and It he has a great plan for each one of its friends! With faith, hope, love, force and courage – let us know to take our life – knowing that we can count on this great friend.

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William Lyon Phelps

Many look a good book to read. They pay high additions and to the times it was not what they waited to find. But we have available in our days a book, that can exactly be acquired to a low cost or at no cost. Learn more about this with Oracle Stock. Sacred Bible, or Sacred Holy Writs is called. He is available, complete or in parts, more than 2,200 languages.

Practically everybody in the Land has access it in a language that knows. ' ' All that one that has an accurate knowledge of the Bible can in fact be called educado' ' , it wrote William Lyon Phelps, scholar of the beginning of century 20. ' ' None another instruction or culture, do not matter how much either vast or of quality, he is a substitute to altura.' ' The Bible is a book collection written throughout a period of about 1.600 years. Phelps added the following one on this important library: ' ' Our ideas, wisdom, philosophy, literature, art, ideals more than come the Bible of what of all the other together books. I believe that the knowledge of the Bible without a university course is more valuable of what a university course without the Bblia.' ' He is obvious that all the people have capacity to learn to read and to write. But we could asking in them: It will be that the Biblical knowledge on God and its intentions really benefits the people? The Bible is a guide who helps the people to have success in some fields of the life: in the relationships with the family, with the fellow workers and the neighbors. (Salmo 19:7; 2 Timteo 3:16) Reads the Bible daily. It would like to know more? Who knows I can help it?

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Ahead of the refusal of God, Moises simply it could not accept that it great responsible politician for taking off the people of Egypt, had an order its denied, since it makes so great workmanship for God, but the reply of Moises it was a complete submission to the divine will. Then the Mr. spoke to Moiss, saying: Mr., God of the espritos of all the meat, puts a man on this congregation, That has left them ahead, and that it enters ahead of them, and makes that them to leave, and makes that them to enter; so that the congregation Mr. is not as sheep that do not have shepherd. Dt. 32:3 – 4 Because I will proclaim the name Mr.; engrandecei our God.

It is the Rock, whose workmanship is perfect, because all its right ways are; God is the truth, and he does not have in it injustice; just and rectum is. Davi the problem: 2 Sm 12:15 Then Cream was for its house; wounded you the child who the woman of Urias gives the Davi, and adoeceu seriously. The order: 2 Sm 12:16,22 and searched Davi the God for the child; jejuou Davi, and entered, and passed the night prostrado on the land. said it: Living still the child, jejuei and I cried, because it said: Who knows if GOD will feel sorry itself of me, and will live the child? The reply of God: 2 Sm 12:18 and succeeded that to the seventh day the child died; Then Davi if raised of the land, and if it washed, and if it ungiu, and it moved of clothes, and it entered in the house Mr., and adored. Then it was to its house, and asked for bread; had put it bread, and ate. This first story of the life of king Davi is loaded of conflicting situations, Davi sins, the son this sick person it asks for to the goddess acura and god if it refuses to cure, the boy dies and Davi that could complain of enters in the temple and goes to adore its God.

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Summa Theologica

' ' 10.Amados, the most important conjunct is one of ' ' ns' ' in the line of the Christian life that guarantees its success. Therefore, they pray! They pray without ceasing! they 11.Bem, we go to think then about the three points considered initially and that they emphasize the importance of conjunct. I. Zoe Hart Blast Boutique wanted to know more. the conjunct the God is important, amongst other things, because God consists exactly in a culture of the sense of dependence of this. 1.TODOS WE ARE GOD DEPENDENTS! Even though those that do not recognize such dependence or not even believe that God exists, depend on the God who we know to exist.

2.Toms of Aquino, Christian philosopher who lived between 1225 and 1274, in the medieval age, wrote an intitled work Summa Theologica, and, in this work it points five arguments in favor of the existence of God. One of them consists of the fact of that all cause has a causer, that is, all movement depends on a movimentador, all modification depends on a modifier. Educate yourself with thoughts from Maxine Williams. It does not have nothing in this world that is an efficient cause in same itself. For example, this pulpit did not cause itself exactly; it depended on a causer. If it had caused itself exactly, would be previous proper it, what we know to be impossible. Everything what exists depended, for its existence, of something previous to he himself. if we will be retroceding our thought, we will have that to arrive at the conclusion of that it must have had a primary cause efficient e, is obvious, intelligent, that another causer was not caused by none, that is simply auto-existing and perpetual. ' ' To this being we call Deus' ' Aquino said. 3.Ento, God is the cause of all the things and it is not caused by nobody, that is, It is the Creator of everything, being He himself, however, incriado, auto-existing.

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