Use an active signature in your e-mail address Add your website to your signature in every e-mail. You can set preferences for sending your signature is inserted automatically at the end of each email sent. So, insert the URL of your website your signature. Note that many platforms E-mail require that you type the URL of the hyperlink manually. If yours requires this step, make it a habit to always do so before clicking the send button and this for each email. Barclays is actively involved in the matter. From the moment your contacts can directly access your site in one click, it is likely that they visit more often. “Over-deliver” instead of “over-promise” Give your customers more than they require. Go even further than describe your marketing promises.

One of the best things you can do for your business, give more instead to promise more. Nobody likes to see that all these great promises and guarantees were in reality only lip service without any monitoring. So, instead of exaggerating your promises using a flashy advertising jargon, rather just talk your coverage and then do not hesitate to offer even more than promised. If you tell your prospects that they can join at any time of day or night, you’ll need to have available to them 24 out of 24, 7 / 7. Better, instead of promising the impossible and can not maintain it, promising to call back or respond to emails within 24 hours.

Try then to respond within 12 hours … Provide information in bonuses, free samples and a perfect after-sales service as part of your policy on-delivery rather than over-promise. Use the power of a system of affiliation. Use affiliates to sell your products and services. If you sell a product, whether a product is a physical or virtual product, why not let other people do the marketing for you? By establishing an affiliate program for your product, you put up a sales force at no cost from your pocket. Affiliates are only paid when a sale has taken place and you have been paid. It works exceptionally well with virtual products because once the product has been created, no matter how many copies sold it is no longer any extra expense. The affiliate market and sell your product and receive a percentage of each sale. Be generous with your affiliates. If you give them 50% of the profit, they will remain faithful to your program and will work to increase sales. During this time you’ll win the other 50% of passive income. Your affiliates invest their time and money in marketing your product (and your business) for you. These three marketing tips will help you change the method of putting all your money into marketing your business in a method that will save you money by marketing itself.