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They are philosophers who had been born, in its majority, before Scrates. Learn more at: Tim McMillan . With Scrates and the sofistas a thematic one in the philosophy is inaugurated new: of the cosmological problems (physical, chemical, biology) for the antropolgicos (ethical and politics). jM1ZpYW1WamRDMTBieTEwY21GMlpXd3ZZWEowYVdOc1pWODJZVFV6TVRaaVpTMHhaamN4TFRVMk5EY3RPRE0zTmkxa1l6TXpaV0UxTURjNVpqTXVhSFJ0YkE9PToxNTg0ODE3NTU4OjB4NGM1ZmFhYTI4NjQ5NTQ0ZGZiZmEzM2E1OTRiOGJmYThhMTQwZWFmMg==’>Fabrizio Freda, an internet resource. Tales was the first philosopher of history therefore, according to Aristotle, was the first one to give a rational reply (without appealing myths) for the question most common of its time: which age the element that gave to origin to all the things? Answers of Daily pay: TALES OF MILETO: of the Jnica school, he was great mathematician and the first philosopher; it identified the water as arch. ANAXIMANDRO OF MILETO: of the jnica school, it said that arch was aperon (infinite). Its disciple, ANAXIMENES defined air as arch. PITGORAS OF SAMOS, the Pythagorean school, mathematical, defined the term ' ' filsofo' ' , and arch was the numbers. XENFANES OF CLOFON, the eletica school, critical of Homero, was base for ' ' The Repblica' ' of Plato.

FESO HERACLITUS, of the jnica school, defended the idea of the continuous flow, a perpetual war between the contrary. PARMNIDES OF ELEIA, the school eleata, said that only the reason supplies knowledge on the nature. ZENO OF ELEIA, the school eleata, disciple of Parmnides, developed a series of paradoxes in order to prove the inexistence of the movement. EMPDOCLES OF AGRIGENTO, of the jnica school, if related to the four elements 9fogo, land, water, air) as component of all. ANAXGORAS OF CLAZMENA, the school eleata, said that everything in the life depends on seeds, nous. DEMOCRITUS OF ABDERA, the atomic school, said that atoms are small indivisible particles that if join and separate formand all the things. They were four philosophical schools of the period daily pay-socrtico: jnica (first to search arch), Pythagorean (numbers were arch), eleata (fire, land, water, air and its ralao of union and in agreement separation defended the four elements love and hatred) and atomists (they believed atoms).

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Rio De Janeiro

This study is part of ampler Project on the beginning of optimum interest of the child, with studies carried through in $fortaleza/Cear and phase of collection of data in Rio De Janeiro, under the most diverse theoretical perspectives. The advent of the movement feminist in the second half of century XX took the quarrels and redefinitions in the relations between men and women, as well as in the familiar structures, the legalization of the divorce is one of the consequncias of this (SCHABBEL, 2005). In Brazil the legalization of the divorce came in 1977, with the promulgation of the law n 6.515. The society occidental person has observed in the last times the increasing number of divorces, what it has reflected in the services of Justice, responsible for leading the processes of separation between couples (RIBEIRO, 2002; SAINTS; FONSECA, 2003).

The separation process is well complex, Wound-Sheep (2003) reflects that in the movement to join it another one, the conjugal pair passes for a process of internal modification and organization, in special as for the identitrios elements of these citizens. Thus, during the separation, the conjugal identity, constructed throughout the marriage, goes if undoing, what it demands of the spouses the search for a redefinition of its individual identities. Still according to author, the couples if do not separate for not believing more the marriage, for disqualify it, but yes for it values it in such a way that they do not obtain to accept that the conjugal relation more does not correspond to its expectations. Inside of this complexity, the conjugal separation can consist as an event of the Cycle of Life of the Families, that can bring significant changes in the relations between dade conjugal, between the parents and the children, of these with the parents and between dade conjugal, while parents (RIBEIRO, 2010). This type of separation is ampler of what the legal separation, the divorce, therefore it implies in the interruption of the marital relation, of the exchange of affection, of conjugal privacy and also of the sexual relation (SAINTS, 2010).

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Fashion Interest

The interest for fashion grows year year after. In Brazil, for example, the fashion parades are super concurred, and nobody wants to be of is. All want to confer of close the new trends to the fashion. This interest for fashion finishes influencing the children, mainly the girls, who since very early already start if to interest for clothes, shoes and accessories. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. But, as they not yet can frequentar the fashion parades, fashion games had been created. (A valuable related resource: Oracle). Thus, they already can exercise its look fashion. Amongst the existing games fashion, the games to dress are appreciated.

In these games, the girls have to help other girls if to dress well, as, for example, in the game ' ' Jennifer goes to the Teatro' '. In this in case that, Jennifer goes to the estreia of a part, but it does not have idea of what dressing, therefore it asks for aid to the friends on its clothes. Who will be able to help it to choose it one look elegant? In the game ' ' Carolina goes for the Balada' ' , look is necessary to unglue one that he is pretty and sexy without being vulgar. It will be that it has some clothes in the closet of Carolina that can be used in a ballad? Good, this question alone can be answered the friends of Carolina after to search its closet. They say that the men do not resist the beauty and I sing to it of a sereia. He will be? Good, Buzzer is ' ' A Sereia&#039 Beautiful; ' wants to discover if that is truth, therefore a still more pretty sereia wants aid to become.

It chose several looks, but she does not know as to combine them. Somebody can give some tips to it? With certainty, Buzzer will be very happy and will go to be thankful who if to make use to help it. In the autumn, the padronagem of the clothes is a little darker of what in the summer, therefore it even has much print of zebra and of camouflage of army. Some girls adore these prints, mainly of zebra. Because of this, she is necessary to create a comfortable fashion and pretty for who she likes these more exotic models of clothes. This is the proposal of the game to dress ' ' Outono&#039 fashion; '. It has some possibilities of clothes, shoes and accessories as stock markets and necklaces, therefore it is possible to make some combinations and to leave very satisfied ours amiguinha with its new look. Veronica wants to be in fashion, but it very does not know well to combine the parts that are inside of the closet. Thus, that such to have access the game ' ' Veronica in fashion ' ' to share with it its knowledge on fashion? I am certain of that it will not go to be bothered and still will be very grateful for having helped it if to produce for the work. Then, it liked our tips on games fashion? Still it has many others to be had access. Valley to remember that the fashion games are total gratuitous and can be had access in the Internet to any day and hour, and how many times to desire. Therefore, it does not lose more time, and it shows that you are antenada with the current fashion.

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