In 1928, bmw bought the brand of car factory in Eisenach, Thuringia, and was licensed to own production of subcompact Dixi. Machines were manufactured in production since 1904, nor at the same time since the twenties firm begins to experience financial problems. The first bmw, a car from bmw – Dixi, soon replaced by the next version – bmw 3 / 15 DA-2, the success of this car bmw has given the great depression, shaking the whole world of that period. In 1936, bmw introduced a simple doomed to the success of a sports car Class 328 – Roadster. Cars designed by Fritz Fiedler. Stylish, with exceptionally excellent aerodynamic qualities of body, with excellent service and built 6 , gave a stunning result.

The roadster was a very successful model and scored over 120 victories at the end of 1930 in sports competitions in its class. He was nominated as a car century in 1999. At the end of World War ii, the firm bmw is not allowed to conduct any proceedings relating to 3-year ban imposed by the Allies, because of the participation of bmw in the construction of aircraft engines. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gary Kelly. But by 1949 bmw returned to production, putting the top production motorcycle R24. During the 1950 bmw bought the license to design and manufacture of car Isetta from the Italian company's iso. The car was a 2-seater body with a 250 cc engine and was immediately very popular. Production rights were sold to various firms around the world. In mid-1950's, bmw produced the bmw 507, a light, the V8-powered sports car.

In 1961, bmw introduced the bmw 1500, volume, Four cylinder, which proved extremely popular. It was the beginning, marked the start – one of the first modern sports saloon cars bmw, so well proven, that is known to date. bmw 1970 was established as an innovative car company, pioneering many new technologies, at the time. Emphasis was placed on the quality and progress, which yielded such great results during this decade bmw introduced its range of 3ogo generation – sports sedans, a range which consisted of a 3-Series 5-Series and 7-series. That continues to this day, please look and marvel at precision, clarity and reliability of one of the best automobile firms in both Europe and the New World.