An attentive observer will have noticed that increasingly are shorter spaces that reaches the human being a really serious danger from the animal Kingdom. Outbreaks of avian influenza that have emerged a few years ago in some Asian countries, put on alert half a world to treat a disease that could happen to the man transmitted by birds, which borders an obstacle is not them. Also just a few years ago, the epidemic of BSE, so-called mad cow disease, was really just the tip of the iceberg. Who stopped eating beef, discovered that it was not safe to eat pork, because there were whole herds that were drugged with antibiotics to be potential carriers of swine fever. Later snouts and hooves of sheep and pigs were infected, it was foot-and-mouth disease. So were only being poultry, which later put in check to health services of half the world the danger of contagion of the more dangerous strain. Who wanted to change from train, taking fish meat, discovered that the fish of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea were contaminated with dioxin.

CARP and trout farms are fed with their peers from the North Sea and Baltic processed into fish meal. While increasingly it investigates and reflects more thoroughly to know where come all these diseases, if feed based on carcasses, insecticides, antibiotics or stress that reigns in the stables of intensive breeding, the truth is that diseases and animal epidemics happen with increasingly faster. Tulsa Kids may find this interesting as well. Could it be that the animal Kingdom rebelled against both abuse? Mankind should consider weighing the possibility, increasingly more proven, that we are on a wrong way in our relationship with mother earth and all other species living on the planet. It is no coincidence that the human being is being in the last decade assaulted by a string of epidemics of animal origin, which are exploited and cruelly slaughtered solely for our benefit. However, looms a new time, which will decrease the killing of animals for one day disappear completely, what already prophesied universal genius Leonardo da Vinci, saying: there will come a day in which men will be judged by the death of an animal as it is today judged the murder of a man. Come the time that eating meat will be condemned as today is condemned to eat to our fellow human beings, i.e. cannibalism. The abused animal world now obliges mankind to make this change. Each person can contribute to this for the benefit of their own health, and also out of respect for the right of animals to their own lives. Original author and source of the article.