Research: a qualitative process to learn new information. Research plays an important role in society, discipline or any area in which intention is projected to have analyzed to see positive actions or procedures that have developed wrong. Research on teaching practice combines different levels of participation through the action, becoming the means by which teachers know their reality of teaching and acting on it. The teaching practice is understood a como a social praxis, objective and intentional in involving the meanings, perceptions, and actions of those involved in the process, teachers, students, educational authorities and parents, as well as the political, institutional, administrative and policy, according to each country’s educational project, define the role of the teacher (Fierro, 2000:21). Research to intervene in practice requires understanding the different situations there and measure complex exchanges between individuals and groups that comprise not only considering the social context, but also the ways, rules and principles set including academic culture that lives the school, which reproduces and transforms itself. In conducting the investigation may question, analyze, problematize, investigate, construct explanations of the practice, obtaining skills to identify learning difficulties at school, explain the facts of the subject.

The goal of any investigation is to obtain a description should explain as clearly as possible and the object of study. Not necessarily the investigation can be carried out specialists, but everyone can investigate, and what better than people who are within the teaching experience this type of task that the practice be analyzed and improved. The research was done when we try to find something, this stems from the observation, whatever the manner or purpose for that the subject has. That is why it is advisable to conduct a qualitative type, and that a OEDA account of meanings, activities, actions and everyday interactions of different subjects: they observed in a specific context or in an area of that contextoa (Mejia, 1998 : 126). One of the main objectives of this research is: know the level through intervention, to identify the importance of activities that are conducted within the educational enterprise, and identify problems that exist within it and try to solve the most prevail. Fierro, Cecilia and et. al.(2000).