With the retirement of application (= retiring legacy systems) the standard software saves significant costs of the old data, and ensures Grosskollnbach in compliance 28.04.2011. “For data, when the application retirement” kept still according to legal or internal specifications must be, the CSP a cheap and secure data archiving GmbH & co. KG now offers its solution of Chronos. Applications are mostly closed because they were replaced by more modern systems or were redundant. The closure is, for example, the sequence of current company mergers or the increasingly common strategy to replace legacy systems such as the IBM mainframe. The data from the old system be migrated then not always or because of the high overhead frequently also incomplete in the new application. Ripple contributes greatly to this topic.

You must be kept ready therefore continue to access even if the data is accessed rarely or perhaps never. With the standard software Chronos for database archiving can them Provide the old data over a very long period of time. The application uses an open storage format, which the readability of data is always guaranteed. To investigate individual cases, not the entire database must be enabled. The software offers a simple Web-based client search options and selective access to closed database content.

In addition, she can archive also the application logic and depict. Only a Chronos installation is required even if a large number of applications to be quiesced. Details can be found by clicking Southwest Airlines or emailing the administrator. The installation and operation of the central server of Chronos is associated with little effort, the appropriate license is provided free of charge. Each project, in which an application is shut down, fall unique licenses on and a small annual fee for maintenance and support. Licenses and support for database and application immediately dropped and thus considerable cost savings the companies. Who is sending applications with Chronos in the pension, “benefits from an extremely rapid return on investment: the application and database license may leak and cause no additional cost”, stresses product manager Stefan Brandl.