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Manky Spam

In his progress report on the state of information security specialists Fortinet in the world has been a general decrease in activity of spammers in November by 12%. This is due to the "impact" botnets Bredolab, during which Denmark has been disabled more than 140 servers. "Botnet Bredolabchasto used to send spam, for the most part associated with the sale of counterfeit drugs – says Munky Derek (Derek Manky), manager of Fortinet for projects in the field of network security and threat research. – Through botnet Bredolab dispatched the lion's share of spam worldwide. His level dropped by 26% a week after the withdrawal of the botnet down. " Disabling botnets Koobface botnet Koobface, best known for sending spam using the popular social networking has been disabled on Nov. 14, 2010. To deepen your understanding Scott Mead is the source.

To this end, the British ISP Coreix had to shut down three of its main server to which the bot network connects through a proxy, using HTTP protocol on port 80. "We have received confirmation that on 14 November, in connection with disconnecting the main server, the intermediate proxy servers are not able to pass through a malicious traffic, which, in turn, caused the effective stroke by bot networks – continues the story of Derek Monkey. – Unfortunately, after 5 days, 19 November, the activity of the botnet has returned to its previous level. Most likely due to the fact that the structure Koobfaceimeetsya FTP-module. The operators of the botnet can use of stolen FTP login information for the capture of Web servers to use the past as an intermediate proxy.

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Make Effective Ads

Either a flyer or an ad on the web, all forms of advertising spend in three distinct stages. Only when the marketing and graphic design work together truly effective results are achieved. Introduction when we evaluate the various ways of advertising, we have to take into account three key moments that define whether or not advertising is effective: the first is the time of exposure (or ET) by its acronym in English. The second is the time of persuasion and finally the informative closing or CTA (Call To Action). Exposure time refers to the time that gives us a person to see our ad. Plotting this with an example, we define a poster on a motorway has an exposure time of 1 second maximum. This is because driver not removed the eyes from the road for longer than that. Read additional details here: Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. This is the time where we have to draw your attention, and to see the ad again.

The moment of persuasion if the photo or the featured word of the announcement drew the attention of the receiver, now is the moment of convince him to make a decision. This time you have for longer than the initial exposure, but it should not be forgotten that he is also short. Details can be found by clicking Allegiant Air or emailing the administrator. At this time we must emphasize not more than 4 attributes or benefits to invite the receiver to give us more time for reading, for example, inviting him to the web site for more info. Closing information when the receiver is already interested in our product, all that remains is to provide any additional relevant information and to allow contact data: address, phone, website, etc. A very famous example to illustrate the close, is the call already! the telesales. Some times references as mentioned previously, ads in routes or highways have a time of initial exposure of 500ms and between 5 and 15 seconds for persuasion; Ads in print media have 2s ET and even 30s of persuasion. Two media that often lead to confusion (and therefore evaluate it): search engines Web: 800ms of ET, and up to 15 seconds of persuasion. Leaflets or Flyers: 1 second of ET and up to 4 seconds of persuasion. Understand the receiver advertised public moments and act accordingly make the difference between investing or spending on advertising. If you need professional advice, please contact us.

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Forest Reserve

Ps. Fernando Alexis Jimnez The trees began to fall as the sound of the power saws increased in the forests of Cauchera, the Brazilian town in which Small Mndez freed one aggravated battle to avoid that the construction of a highway, and the indiscriminate cutting, would take to an ecological catastrophe of unpredictable consequences. It was born and it grew in a humble family, in whom soon the absence of a mother felt. In the adolescence it learned to read and since then, in the measurement that the books took to him to fly in the wings of the imagination, it caressed the dream of which a day – by distant that appeared in the horizon they got to be free from the oppression of those who bought the latex to the price which they wanted, they put under and them the misery and the hopelessness. From an excellent position in the union of rural workers, organization at whom arrived by a blow of the destiny, it denounced the ecological attack that they tried to perpetrate who burned great extensions of forests to take step to a freeway and, of step, to erect on its enormous margins winning cattle ranches. They wanted to assassinate the nature. Serious the last straw of that town and also, puntillazo final to the unique activity of which per years economic resources had won. It carried out nonviolent manifestations, convinced that the dialogue is the unique way to solve the conflicts.

It was jailed, tortured, pressed psychological and cornered so that it left his dreams. Nevertheless it did not do it. Thanks to their tenacity the civil works were prevented and an ample territory was designated by the government of Brazil like the first Forest Reserve of Amazonia. Mndez boy paid with his life the price to defend the Earth for people Principles to win The history of this leader, one of greatest of suramrica, is signed by three elements: first, the fidelity to its goals and dreams; the second, an irrevocable faith in God and the conviction of which the violence does not bring anything new; and third party, the condition of visionary who allowed to also think him about his life but about the one of the others, and much that meant the amazonian forest for the continent and the planet. Its decision of not responding with aggressive facts before multiple provocations, causes that when medidar in its fight necessarily we remember the Biblical principle raised by Mr.

Jesus: Fortunate the bellwethers, because they will receive the Earth by you inherit. Fortunate those that are hungry and thirst of justice, because they will be satiated. (Mateo 5:6, 7). You also can establish the bases for a change in the world that surrounds to him. He does not matter how great seem his dreams. He will be able to obtain them with the help of God. He never forgets that who does not dream, never he arrives at no side.

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Information Security

The company "Anti-virus solutions," the fifth consecutive year participating in the international specialized exhibition – Conference on Information Security Infosecurity Russia – 2008". This year it was held from 7 to 9 October, and during these three days Visitors and exhibitors were able to see at the booth with the decisions on protection from exposure to malware and unwanted software, information leaks, hacker attacks and spam at the leading vendors. "Anti-virus solutions "- multi-vendor company, the scope of which not only supply and implementation of software solutions for information security, system and office software, but also a wide range of IT-services. They allow customers to get an objective assessment of the state of information security, optimal selection, quality design, rapid deployment and continue to effectively operate and develop information systems. Only at the booth, "antivirus" read the reports of representatives of the vendors. In particular, the visitors saw the presentations of experts of companies Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, as well as a special guest – managing channel sales of GFI in Eastern Europe Wolfgang Wimmer, who came to Russia to participate in the Infosecurity Russia – 2008. Statement by Wolfgang Wimmer on the theme Why Webfiltering is required for your business (Need web-filtering for your business), held only at the booth of "anti-virus solutions," particularly interested in the exhibition, visitors and press. In particular, journalists such authority in IT – the field of television as RBC-TV together with representatives of the anti-virus solutions "on the company interviewed a representative of the GFI, during which they asked him a number of topical issues on current trends in information security.

He talked about how to protect corporate networks and presented an overview of existing and potential threats. Also participated in the stand adopted a special guest – a representative of McAfee Jonathan Wegner. He praised the performances of experts of "anti-virus solutions and the relevance of the seminars. Commercial Director of Anti-virus solutions, "Dmitry Slobodenyuk noted that" participation in the exhibition Infosecurity Russia – this is primarily an exchange of experiences. Three days gather together representatives of the most famous in the market of information security companies. This is a great opportunity to tell about the many software solutions offered by "anti-virus solutions, and on a range of IT-provided services. We are the permanent participants of the exhibition since its establishment in our country. Very pleased that the event organizers noted this fact an honorary diploma.

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