Many works of art are proposed to make an impact, this chair is certainly impressive, even if you monstrous. Speaking candidly Verizon Communications told us the story. An average reader to interpret the monstrous as something negative, but remember that something monstrous can be termed as such by their size, their combination and their dislocation. The monster is something that is as such precisely because it is unclassifiable, is something that can not be assimilated and that if it is finally built, ceases to be monstrous. Cesar Aira-brilliant literary critic, has called the prose of Argentine writer Roberto Arlt and monstrous because of the lack of distance between the narrator and the reader. The monstrosity of Mad Toy writer, Los Siete Locos and The Flamethrower, among other titles not only lies in the complexity of the narrator but also in the vocabulary of non-conventional literature (associated with Beatriz Sarlo what has been called “knowledge of the poor”) and characters (where the motive doubled between Erdosain and Barsut).

More importantly, Arlt monstrosity lies first in its hybridity (the mixture of German Expressionism, existentialism, American and Italian Futurism) and the radical lack of adherence to one ideology. The secret society that engages in character, mixing speeches fascists and communists, spiritual and technological, religious and atheists. This incorporation of contradictory discourses and ideologies allegedly contrary is what leads to a total disbelief of any ideology, and ideology as a lie (the allusion to the metaphysical lie is constant). The monstrosity of the deed of Arlt led contemporary critics to disparage the author Roberto Arlt simply saying that he could not write. It happens that the violence of the right to write a script and aggressive deformed uncomfortable to many literary critics (it is necessary to mention that The Seven Madmen, written in 1929 anticipates the Argentine coup of 1930, which shows the clarity of Arlt and their ability to understand the society of the time Argentina and decode all discourses in circulation). It is for these reasons and others (such as the possibility of interpreting the work of Arlt always so different according to each historical moment and its character of indomitable and inencasillable) leading Argentine literary critics to recognize the literary value by Arlt afamadisimo over Jorge Luis Borges (of course this is completely different styles, plus if the bank works on Borges, Arlt-works on all the anguish of imprisonment, insanity, etc.).. It is clear that incorporated characteristic size furniture is very challenging. Traforato chair in black version with black and white upholstery is this monstrous mix of royalty Saddle country with a pattern in upholstery and requires great expertise interior design to give a context in which the hybridity of this chair can be brought to the fore, and supplemented with other furniture. It is certainly a piece for those who, disdainful of the kitsch, looking for a new sensitivity for those who aim to bring stunning interior design in the most powerful, angry and even violent speech.