True social sciences are those that are looking at the man as an integral part of a reality and problems, which was created from the beginning of his journey, on the face of the earth. The beauty of them lies in the variety of its elements. From analyzing, studying and understanding the man, at the biological, social and humanitarian. For man by nature seeks to organize and that you have generated a series of items that allowed him to develop their physical, their kinship structure, organization and group because their own loneliness. The consequences of their actions have made religions, cultures, and hierarchical collective imagination of society.

The general problem and that studies the social sciences is one that deals with the privatization of land on the planet and the appropriate consequent tion of all natural resources. In countries where graduates are formed by boundaries or empowerment. The result is policy and procedure to govern all individuals moving that piece of land. The social sciences are a bunch of subjects open to investigation and criticism of a reality that is composed by things established for the conservation of power. Essential motivation for promoting the study of ancient human cultures that have formed part of the different stages of evolution of man. On the other hand studied the structures that make up each company, from its basic elements as elementary. This will require studying the strategies of each government in the creation of imaginary groups, pre-established by the states of the earth.