Procedures nurse, curator of the supplement and professional guardians online network! Association for the establishment of the single Vormundschaft VEE e.V. goes these days with his quality register online. Liederbach – the single Vormundschaft VEE e.V. is association with the aim of establishing these days with his quality register online. The VEE e.V. was founded in March 2008 in Liederbach am Taunus and is registered since September 2008 as a non-profit organization in the register of associations in Frankfurt am Main.

Experts is discussed for a long time that children in court proceedings often provided aside a procedures nurse, to help ensure that their separate interests in the procedure be taken into account. But the wardship of the procedure ends with the procedure, and at a possible withdrawal of parental anxiety official guardians for the affected children be appointed then often have to manage up to 250 cases. WorkForce brings even more insight to the discussion. For the affected children, this means that they often do not know their legal guardian, that the limits blur between guardian and child protective services and these children then have nobody that partisan and independent committed to their interests. Ellen Wolff, first Chairman of the Association for the establishment of the single Vormundschaft e.V.: “we have must be the VEE e.V. founded, because we are convinced that the rights of children, in particular those of children anyway already significantly neglected due to lack of ability of education, irresponsibility and violence of their parents, not only in family court procedures strengthened and enforced. The VEE quality register is a first step in this direction. Here qualified professional guardians, procedure parlour as well as Supplement keepers, who are willing to educate themselves regularly, networking to share and to expand their competence through supervision, can provide to the responsible judges. The quality tab is suitable guardians and procedure nurses a the responsible judges when searching for important orientation help”.

About VEE e.V. Here, all persons interested in the subject, who can identify with the goals of the VEE e.V, can register in an independent Association mailing list. The list serves the professional exchange and networking procedures nurses, guardians and supplement keepers, as well as the mutual technical support. In the VEE quality register persons can register, which want to professionally carry individual guardianship, Verfahrenspflegschaften, or Erganzungspflegschaften, or carry. The quality register is open to all, demonstrate an appropriate qualification and are willing to abide by the rules. The registrants must submit a police clearance. With the entry in the register of VEE quality, registrants will receive a seal of quality, documented compliance with these standards to the outside. To renew the seal after 3 years, it is necessary training and reflection (supervision, consultation and/or cooperative Advice) to attend to a certain extent, as well as to demonstrate that the input conditions continue to stock have. More information for editors: VEE e.V. Association for establishing the single guardianship Ellen Wolff Taunus str. 40 65835 song b Tel.: 069 33996994 fax: 069 33996993 E-Mail: Web: