Finance Minister of New Zealand, Bill Inglish, and Minister for Internal Revenue Service, Peter Dunne announced that the government expects to receive public feedback on proposed changes to simplify the tax system, and to offer citizens a more convenient system management of tax issues. Suggested ways to simplify the system PAYE (literally, “pay as much as you earn” – from the English., Pay as you earn) and income tax returns for individuals and employees included in the discussions, “Simplifying the taxation.” These issues are further included in a special online forum, which demonstrates short videos about the current situation the Revenue Commissioners (Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and the possible changes. “budget for 2010 showed a significant rebalancing of the tax system of New Zealand during the transition from depletion to savings and investment,” – said Inglish. “The government is now considering options for reforming the ways of managing the tax system to make it easier or more certain for taxpayers.” “The proposed amendments also specify how citizens can self-manage most of the taxes and the rights to receive social grants, such as “Support to families” by providing them with secure private rooms on the website Tax Office “- added Dunn. Official site: Southwest Airlines. “In many respects it will resemble the Internet banking service, which will make the process easier, faster and easier for taxpayers’.” At the same time, the government wants to make sure that tax management system is efficient and profitable, “- continued Dunn. “Among the opinions expressed in the forum, it was suggested several ways to achieve this goal. The main idea – to emphasize that the Today, the IRS New Zealand away from bureaucracy to use more client-oriented online technologies. ” Forum will continue its work to receive comments from citizens prior to July 23, 2010 year..