He had read many times in self-help books and even in my Bible, but never did. I thought it was enough to have my goals clear in my mind and in my heart. However, a couple of days ago, after attending a conference on financial independence with all my family, I sat down to write my 100 goals in my life yearned. It was quite an experience. My family was there and inspired me to think big. We began to get increasingly daring and incurred on land that seemed very far from our reality.

But the act of writing with my hand brought them closer. Being able to imagine myself in that situation was very inspiring. My dreams may not seem so impossible. “Fantasies? “Self deception? I think not. Many people who have already succeeded recommended. It is a very important step towards achieving the goals and objectives we have set in our lives.

How? Take a blank sheet of paper and divide it into six columns: Goals Spiritual Development Goals personal (learning another language, learn to invest in real estate) Financial Goals (savings, income, etc) in their interpersonal relationships Goals Goals in my health (or decrease weight, exercise, etc) Things I’d like to have (travel, house , clothes ..) Then start to write down what you want to achieve in each category. Do not just its current status. Make it when he wrote a list of their wishes to Santa Claus. Write down things that now seem impossible to achieve. Be specific with what you achieve. For example, write: “I want to lose weight.” Rather place: “I want to lose 5 kg in six months.” Put numbers, so you can measure your progress. Go adding goals as time passes. You will see that your goals will no longer seem so distant and unattainable. “Write the vision And make it plain upon tables, that he may run who reads it.” Although the revelation awaits an appointed time, but hastens to the end, and not lie; Though it linger, wait, it will certainly not delay.