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In the entire history of humanity written thousands of books on how to earn money. Discovered hundreds of universities that teach us to generate cash flows. But why is this knowledge lost? Why is the biggest layer of people – People without finance? Why that should be laid in our early childhood, it remains a mystery to most until the end of life? It happened with our hero. By age 25 he realized that he is going nowhere. He has no memory of what has been planned 10 years ago.

His zasasalo into a quagmire, whose name is – vanity. But if you look, is he the only one? Every society, no matter what – the democratic, socialist, totalitarian – is like a flock of sheep. The herd is accompanied by four groups of beings. Learn mores opinions are not widely known. First – do sheep. They are bred, cut, graze, cut, distilled from the meadow to meadow. Secondly – the shepherds, who decide to drive the herd – in the mountains, green meadows (or, to democracy, communism). Third – the guard dog who will follow the shepherd, directly controlled from the sheep and, at the same time, protect the herd.

From whom? From the fourth category, from the wolves. With the recent dog bite often, but more often peacefully coexist. We return all the same to our hero. As you already knew he belonged to the first group. What to buy and where to get the money – that's what was in his life. He thought about this day, I thought the night.

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Yandex Number

Let me just say one thing – quality control office will check your internet – shop from 2 to 5 working days will be See store contact information, warranty information, delivery, etc. May make an order on the site. If you do not have any problems, the service quality you miss, and you will have calls and orders. If the order is not much should not get upset, increase the amount of range, and orders will be longer. Also on this site is very important reputation shop. It is expressed in the comments of buyers and the number of stars.

Initially, You will not be stars, and the store will have the status 'not appreciated'. When the store will be evaluated and estimates there will be a star, the number of orders can increase greatly (recall the case where the store with the status "not evaluated" was once 5 asterisks, a week after the counting of orders found that the number had increased 10-fold). The first couple of weeks working with by Yandex, advertise online shop somewhere else I would not recommend it. During this time, a better look at the work store and remove the possible drawbacks (if any), and also look at Yandex-market goods that you sell, compare your prices with competitors (if necessary – to raise or lower). Then you can start advertise on other sites, which I wrote above. There is also a sense in the Internet search new advertising platforms that will expose your product offerings on more favorable conditions for you. Perhaps this is all that needs to be done at the initial stage of development.

Increase the range and will soon see that the store will gradually turn a profit. What to do next – it's up to you. Let me just say one thing – to invest in advertising is necessary! Not will be advertising – there will be no orders. I saw a very large online stores, reaching a huge number of daily orders, cease to invest in advertising. The result was always sad. By reducing the advertising budget reduced the number of orders, then the whole system works as a house of cards collapses. It is important not to repeat such mistakes.

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