An estimated 30,000 children, half of them under 14 years of age, have been forced into prostitution. Dr. Mary Shuttleworth stressed during the event “the responsibility which each for the respect for human rights has stated: human rights and responsibility are inextricably linked.” The Coordinator of the international human rights initiative, youth for human rights”, Erica Chesler, distributed learning booklets on human rights to the present. The human rights initiative, youth for human rights”supported by the Scientology Church International, so that human rights can be taught all over the world and spread. Thus ensures that it alerts everyone on his rights and he meets his rights. (Not to be confused with Fish and Chips Babies!). The purpose of youth for human rights international”is the youth human rights as well as the Universal Declaration of human rights,” the United Nations to teach in order to advocate for tolerance and peace. Scientologists from five continents engaged in collaborative effort with government agencies and non-governmental organizations. You want a broad-based awareness and implementation of 1948 of the United Worldwide reach Nations of ratified Universal Declaration of human rights”.

“The Scientology Church, released a new brochure titled Scientology: how we help – United for human rights, making human rights – a global reality”, requests further information on the human rights situation, to support the education and awareness of human rights around the world. Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “Human rights must as fact, not implemented as an idealistic dream”, and the Scientology religion is based on the principles of human rights. The code of a Scientologist urges all members of the Scientology thus, “True humanitarian efforts in the areas of human rights to support.