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Dispatch Work

Conceptualization: Assume the following criteria:- Conceptualization. -Analysis of the current model of the Plan of work, tailoring, and form drawn up. -Analysis of the work plan itself, content, and varieties of activities presented. Learn more on the subject from Gary Kelly. -Implementation of general work plan model. -Validation of theories learned during the investigation. -Obtaining improvements in the making. The stages of development of the research have been the following: initial A-Etapa (January – 2010 to June 2010): a.1-collection of information and analysis of available information provided by the following entities: Work plan of the CITMA system. Work plan of the different centres (comparative analysis of their plan of work, and their clothing models).

a.2-bibliographical study of concepts on the work Plan: this was requested and sought bibliography for the Internet through search engines of navigation: google and yahoo, reviewing the following works: a.3-specification models of work plan of the CITMA system; This was studied the preparation of six work plans, not only in compliance, but in its structuring of tasks. a.3-comparisons between different centres work plans and the plans of work of the system. a.4-development of an early version of model plan of work according to the knowledge acquired, and its new approaches and concepts. B-diseno of models and experiments (test): b.1-study of different models of work plans of work of workers of the UOCI, and obtaining of results to refine the proposed modeling. C-validacion of the system of work plan: c.1-test application of retrieved modeling, for the preparation of the work plan of the system. Classification of the activities of the plan of work in the system: I.

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Latin America

Peru is a country that after long years of waiting to seen resurgence in its economy and thanks to abundant natural wealth which has, is a large pantry for her people and a great destination for investment, for those who want to bet on successful businesses in latinoamrica. Peru geography gives you a great diversity of natural resources, primarily genetic resources and minerals, as well as species and ecosystems, so it is considered a megadiverse country.It has reserves of gas, oil, copper, iron, gold, also a fauna immense in its Amazon, as well as variety of medicinal plants, fine woods, abundant marine in its sea and rivers Amazon, huge archaeological zones, muchismos tourist sites to visit, to do, boating, camping, water skiing and snow. We have wonderful national parks, the best airport in Latin America, our ports are adapting with gantry cranes, in order to erecibir large tonnage ships, there are many megaprojects underway. Some things we needed to improve, as execution fast and intercept of the regional, ending the long government budgets paperwork for execution of works public, political work areas in Amazonian and Andean, a greater attention to Puno, Apurimac, but there we are. Peru is a Pacific people, he learned to live in a democracy and that aspires to be a partner of the economies most powerful in the world, for which reason to signed several FTA, as a way to develop through foreign trade. All this thinking of Peruvians in poverty, to give a better future to generations to come, to generate more jobs. However, there is in the country of the incas, some politicians, former military and foreign NGOs, which do not want Peru to follow within the liberal economic model. They try in every possible way destroy that democratic Governments do, encouraging protests, strikes, marches, thus deceive the world by saying that in Peru, there are social protest, because the country is going to drift, which is false.

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