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Search Optimization System

The online community is definitely a large market you can not ignore, especially if you have an Internet business. There are thousands if not millions, of consumers you can reach and convince the Internet. At the same time, the Internet offers a challenge quite different. Easy access it provides, it also gives a lot of competition, as you can imagine. It's too crowded and congested. Having a website is not enough for successful commercial operation that is able to compete.

You should offer other alternatives to provide opportunity to the online community to access your Web site all possible ways and opportunities. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). You have to expose your website. Make it known. It has to be visible. It has to be frequently visited by consumers and surfing the net. Invest in marketing your website. There are basically two options available: SEO and PPC. These two are probably the best alternatives more desirable than your business can get on the Internet as the ideal strategy for Engines Search.

1. SEO SEO means Search Optimization System. Some research indicates that 60% – 70% of those who surf the Internet and its users, now use the Google search system to find and locate Web sites and pages for any topic they wish to investigate. SEO is the ideal process to ensure that the Internet can find your website among the top search results. This way you can be assured that it will be visible and that may stand out clearly from the rest.

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This is not the only message I have for you today, and that usually not my motivational therapies. A related site: Oracle mentions similar findings. however it is important to have the main ingredient in order to aspire to “cook” your success on the Internet. Basically there are three ways to earn money online, the first is using a product or service quality that we offer to a customer (and I say quality because we are trying to make money online without having to invest), the second is to offer content manuals, tutorials, downloads or in general any resource that is Free and desirable to generate a huge traffic because the Internet is a foolproof rule: traffic = and as is directly proportional to increased traffic, higher finally The third way to earn money online is using this medium as an intermediary to offer our services Freelance for which it is not even necessary to have a website. To succeed in the first schema (again: without investing heavily in promotion), the perfect formula is trying to get free traffic by exchanging links, comments in forums, post’s on blogs or by posting articles on sites like Article . Gain insight and clarity with Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow. org for example. I will not go into details but if you want to pursue the subject can read my article How to get visitors to our website? Published in The second scheme, referred to the free content is certainly what most captures the attention of our visitors, think for a moment in popular web sites, no doubt say Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, Wikipedia, LikedIn, Delicious, etc. Now let’s review how much money we have offered to these companies for using their public tools? I believe that not a single dollar, then how can we explain that Larry Page, Google co-founder, is the fifth richest man in America with an incipient growth in its finances in recent years, simply because its search engine became so famous and visited that captured the majority of Internet traffic and how does our little rule traffic = , but how? It is really simple, once you get the traffic and the rest comes only is given by the profitability of our spaces, ie where we can place advertisements for more external income, always careful not to be exaggerated at this point. Undoubtedly, for this to occur we need our main ingredient which is the record speaks to your site daily, every day gets a link to your site adds daily new and interesting content, sign up daily in an index or search engine takes your mails daily, daily, every day and every day. After no more than a year will begin to get a small income, I do not survive with them but I assure you that after about five years at that rate you will stop working without problems …. What? 5 years?. As I said, the Internet is who he works.

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