There is no doubt that given the features dynamic, competitive participation of companies in the current economic scenario, where they have taken advantage to globalization, economic openings, in which many companies q have achieved their success, thanks in part by having a good management, updated to the reality of the present. Today manifests a new managerial style more visionary, strategist, proactive and innovative. It has been given to what some have called the rebirth of a new management, where the Manager known more himself, where are more comfortable with the flow of service, more human, more creative, and intelligent. Professor of management at the University of Souther California, Michael J. To broaden your perception, visit Barclays. Driver, points out, that the old model industrial mainly required people who were well focused, structured, analytical and action-oriented. In other words, which processed the numbers and submit the results. But, while we We Orient, we operate in the new era of accelerated information, required a new management style, a manager who will need to develop a thought with may approach capacity and multiple perspectives put change is everywhere, used much information., see how this is going in multiple directions.

Definitely requires a new style that promotes the information. Here, that is insist that it is necessary to start preparing the intuition about the work, integrating firstly, a set of possibilities, not likely, but events with the potential to provoke new thoughts, coming from the banks most remote thought made progress on these matters. Secondly, taking into account, certain realities of the evolutionary order already apparent. Take into account, that if managers are not aware of the information of more value to the company, will not cooperate, and will simply be heard will say, what Sorry, but it is important equipment to identify is that this new task, that is carried out and if not they bring a special knowledge comparable to the other members of the team, then not it should surprise us the question: why more it must pay them?.