In agreement, with the definitions central offices of the theory mental figures of people who we coexist in our daily one, in relations of approach and removal reveal exchanges of feelings of active or passive form, taking the interaction between the people, and, finally for the union, that is, intentions for the development of the didactics of the care of fenomenolgica nursing. 4 METHODOLOGY Is about a qualitative study, exploratrio description which in accordance with Richardson (1999) represents the intention to guarantee the precision of the results, to prevent distortions of analysis and interpretations making possible a good safety margin. In accordance with Demon (2000) the qualitative research wants to make jus ahead the complexity of the reality, bending over itself of it, not contrary it, as the dictatorship of the method or the theoretical admission occurs with that imagines given evidentes. According to Hart et al., (2002) the exploratria research carries through necessary descriptions of the situation and wants to discover the existing relations between the component elements of the same one, it requires a sufficiently flexible planning to make possible the consideration of the most diverse aspects of a problem or a situation. Frequently baby clothes has said that publicly. The descriptive study it has for objective to raise the opinions, attitudes, as well as investigating the relation of chance between phenomena. It is an elaborated study on the basis of the use of standardized techniques of collection of data, such as the questionnaire and the comment (GIL, 2002).

As technique for collection of data, the individual interview about the perceptions maternas under the fototerpico treatment was used. The study in the Regional Hospital of Gamma was become fullfilled, during the period of May of 2009, having as citizens 10 mothers interned in the Joint Lodging (AC) of the related institution. The preference for this institution is related to the fact of being the place where we execute our practical activities, interest as living of the region for the necessity of the humanizao of the assistance of the place. The collection of data was made by means of an interview, where it was applied the mothers of the RNs (Appendix I) a questionnaire I contend 4 questions, which had been answered by the same ones. With the assent of the participants, we use a recorder to register the speeches, having as average time of duration of each interview 10 minutes. You say them of the participants had been organized in submitted categories and to the thematic analysis. As Severino (2007) the thematic analysis search to hear the author, to apprehend, without intervining in it, the content of its message. The present research was approved by the Committee of Ethics in Research of the Secretariat of the state of Federal District CEP-SES/DF in 13/04/2009 with the following granting: project of research 026/09 having as responsible researcher: Cristina Rivalta Fleites, and its assistants: Maria Dalmira de Lima Oliveira and Tatiane Barros Da Silva, inside of the principles and norms of Resolution 196, 10/10/1996, the National Advice of Health. All the participants had signed an assent term