Tevron announced the addition of support for all Cerner environments to its suite of APM & testing solutions. CitrTest CitrTest VU and CitrTest APM are the only single license, integrated solutions for conducting application performance monitoring, functional, regression and latency testing for every enterprise application that is accessible from a Windows based machine. Nashua, New Hampshire, may 6, 2010 – Tevron today announced the addition of support for all Cerner environments to its suite of APM & testing solutions. Cerner is a global supplier of healthcare solutions. Working together with more than 8,000 clients worldwide, Cerner is solving healthcare’s many challenges by making sure the right people have the right information at the right time. With the latest releases of CitrTest, CitrTest APM, and CitrTest VU, Tevron again istaking the lead role in the APM & testing industry in providing support for every Cerner application including Millennium, PowerWorks, life sciences, and more. As many medical groups, hospitals, carried, and integrated healthcare organizations move towards Cerner, Tevron’s APM & testing solutions will continue to offer the industry lead for application monitoring, load testing, and general automation for those critical deployments. To learn more about Tevron’s automated testing & monitoring solutions or to information, please call + 1.702.518.7435 or email request additional or visit.

ABOUT TEVRON Tevron is a global leader in APM and automated testing. Through our all encompassing customer-centric vision and advanced technology, our APM & testing solutions allow the unique flexibility of supporting every application across the enterprise with one methodology delivering the ability to test, monitor, re-enforce SLAs, and optimize performance with confidence and ease. Tevron is a global organization founded in 2001, and is privately held. Our vast and diverse range of customers globally are leaders and include companies such as Alcon Labs, Alverno, Northrop Grumman, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, and Lucent Technologies, to name a few. TRADEMARKS Tevron and logo the Tevron CitrTest are registered trademarks of Tevron, LLC. Michael Antonov understood the implications. Cerner is a registered trademark of Cerner. All other product references in are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their included owners.