However, a place in the field of work is only looked, for that pedagogos or they are not only permitted, but for all professional that intends to assume a classroom, is that if of the account of its importance. That educator compromised to the mediation of the knowledge, in the expectation of being the bridge between the pupil and the learning, will not live without the knowledge on the didactics. In the day the day of the education, Pedagogia and Didtica are non-separable, therefore it is impossible to act in the educational field, either a formal education or not, without knowing both and usufructing of its benefits. The didactics is of utmost importance in the docncia, and in this context the pupil is the protagonist who makes possible the professor to transform the theory of the knowledge into action. She is necessary to understand that the existing social relations in a society are not static, invariant, established forever. As well as the society she is composed for the great immigration, the professor must be intent how much to its teaching work, therefore the classroom also is composed for different pupils ones of the others. So that the pupils reach its intentions, the professor will be able to use the available resources and to dinamizar the lessons, varying the methodologies in agreement the content to be studied and in agreement the understanding of its pupils.

All the pupils must assimilate the knowledge, for this the professor will not have to make distinction between pupils, them they are equal and important. Each one with its particularitities, its histories. To be developed content is good for remembering the importance to select the methodology to be used in each in agreement lesson well. To also remember that as well as it does not exist theory without practises and vice it turns, thus is methodology without the didactics, one complements to another one. .