A person cannot directly choose her circumstances, but she can choose its thoughts and indirectly – and with security to give form to its circumstances. James Allen Majorities and considerations In the measurement that the management is identified with the reach, repercussions which they derive from the formal groups that they occur in all company, in order to fulfill the operativity of this, according to the different units administrative from its organizational structure, the results they will be the hoped ones according to the productivity indices that have each group and power to describe them as efficient. Certain that the organizations, companies are integrated in groups that they generate in his operation, performance of their members which can be denominated like group behavior. Additional information is available at Coupang. That it involves as an associative situation with common aims determined, that is indicated at the time of realising that aim they unite capacities and aptitudes for his attainment. Definitively the organizations are formed mainly by people, projects methods and managements. It is not necessary to forget, that the organizational behavior trick its importance is that is a process that is based on the study of the individual like part of vital of a structure and that its behavioural state is going to repel in the production of the organization, therefore, to know it and to support it through organized methods it is going to be of high effectiveness for the company the organizational behavior is in charge of the study and the application of knowledge regarding the form in whom the people act within the organizations, is a tool that helps us to include/understand better the conduct of the people when carrying out its functions in the tasks that are to him own according to their working level. In the company we found denominated the groups formal, that as Stephen P. Robbins comments., includes/understands those defined by the organizational structure, with designed allocations of work which they establish tasks. .