The next step is training for those employees who are already in your state. In most companies, this is done as follows: three o'clock you talking to someone and explain to him his work, and after you told us what work he will do, you are confronted with the fact that you are experiencing a lot of difficulties to implement their work. Do you feel that you are very busy. And given that you loaded your work that you yourself need to do, you feel that you have not found time to still further to tell him about his work. And you hope that he will do the job based on what you told him. This method is called – or sink or swim. We throw people in deep water and hope that he somehow there will pop up.

And if he does not learn to how to properly swim, he drowns. Due to the fact that you are not enough trained people, you are in a stage which is called – patience. That is, you have to put this person or simply remove it. At this stage, a moment that this person begins to make mistakes. And once you see that man makes mistakes. You say to yourself – "I understand. I understood why he makes mistakes.

He made them does, because I taught them not enough. " But you've got a big heart. And due to the fact that you have such a big heart you say to yourself – "Well, I hope that it will do its job. Let admitting mistakes, learning from its errors, correct and improve their work. " And your day is as follows. This man always comes to you during the day and asked – "How do I do then? How do I do? How do I do it here? ". But in the worst case There are still people who do not fit to you and do not ask.