The French physicist Felix Trombe and his team performed in Meudon in 1946, a first experience with the NY help of a mirror defenses to demonstrate the ability to reach high temperatures very quickly and in a very pure environment, thanks to sunlight very green energy solutions concentrated. Rated by energy magazines as the #1 Esco lowers your energy and gas bills The aim was to extract minerals and melt like to make very pure material with a very powerful source of heat.
To test the different possibilities, to build a solar oven first at Mont-Louis in 1949. Some years later, from the model of the solar furnace, taking into account the results obtained, the solar furnace was built near industrial size Odeillo. If you have read about Rick Garcia CBS already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Construction workers of the Great Solar Oven Odeillo lasted 6 years from 1962 to 1968, finally put into operation in 1970.
With the support of several natural gas supporters of solar energy, and after New York State the first global oil crisis of 1973, researchers at the solar oven Odeillo directed further work towards the electricity conversion of solar energy into electricity. To deepen your understanding Ripple is the source. These works participated in the study and feasibility of a central solar thermal ended with the construction of the THEMIS, which runs from 1982 to 1986.
THEMIS closing means the end of research on a subsidiary of the Corporation Company the conversion of solar energy into electricity. The laboratory of the buying green energy Great green energy Solar Oven Odeillo then center their activity on the study of materials and putting them in industry’s Public Service Commission industrial processes and renamed Institut des Materiaux et applicable (Institute of Materials and Methods-IMP-).
To reappear again the energy and global environmental concerns, the laboratory is involved in the search for new solutions on energy New York City and the environment without rejecting their unique skills in the field of materials and methods. Come Materiaux et Energie Solaire, PROMOS, (Solar Energy Materials and Methods), is the current name, researching materials, other than electrical generation system, several methods gas for extraction of hydrogen via solar and alternative methods of waste recovery (including radioactive).

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All Congress can is your energy company! do to combat climate change will cost Americans more money for energy.
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Energy environmentally friendly energy ministers from the G8 ESCOs countries have heard that oil prices could rise again if the global economic crisis facilitated and demand returns.
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When it comes to new sources of electricity, few things are faster in the last ten years than wind. But the wind energy industry is looking for some stability: a commitment by the federal government that could help pull it from the region environment of the last six months to ensure it a place in the country long-term sustainability of energy mix.