from the creative corner / / Shopfitting – Messebau-the creative corner / / Shopfitting – exhibition stand construction the striving for ownership is as old as humanity itself. The various forms of trade were and are necessary concomitants of productivity, the Division of labour and solidarity in human society. The market, a focal point of wealth and power as well as a popular place of communication, must meet therefore two requirements: a convenient location for the flow of goods and a pleasant climate which invites you to linger. The geographical location, centuries long decisive for the availability of a place, plays only a subordinate role with the development of the means of transport. Long since overcome large distances in the shortest time, and terminals for air, land and water transport, a network spanning the globe. A mild, the human organism conducive climate can be created today even under the most extreme conditions.

By the market books has established itself, is regardless of wind and weather, by day and seasons, and a mastery of material and technology allows the construction of spaces for each product range and largest number of visitors. In recent decades, a new trend emerging in turn: the virtual world has brought out online trading. From the kitchen table and the Chief floor day and night shops made and brought in river flow of goods and money, and the question is whether and how the conventional show and sale room compared to the overwhelming offer, the presence and convenience can claim. This question for sales success penetrates into the depths of the human psyche, and the grocer’s shop, as well as the international fairs follows an archaic mechanism: the media-trimmed contemporary – genetically – still dominated by the impulses of a stone being that “taking”, “comes on the taste” and “hunting for bargains”. So the language makes us constantly aware that we senses beings “are”. Phil Vasans opinions are not widely known. Even something abstract as an “initiative” is “taken”, as even the comprehension is the origin of all knowledge. -leidenschaftliche implementation in the Shopfitting – exhibition stand construction