Thus, we have the scientific spirit, not philosophy. But he felt the call of the other party, and the second part of his life, devoted it to the study of imagination, after having developed their science studies, as a need to open up to that night part of his life, and which resulted in his studies on imaginations materials, wanting to tell this that the images describe a key elementa raw material, the four primordial elements put into action groups of images, as a material element is the principle of a conductive gift that provides continuity to an imaginante psyche. While it has been necessary to vindicate the imagination, there to oppose a real imagination to an evasive imagination that is the dream, an imagination without law, another, that invites to travel. This clarification is necessary, and Bachelard tells us that real images are literary images, which us vitalize, mobilize us, living the life of the living language and are recognized because they renew the heart and soul. But the real study of the imagination is not in painting, but, in the literary work, the word, phrase, and therefore takes a phrase from Balzac according to which, there are mysteries locked up in every human Word. With this he assumed the need for poetry, and the poem is essentially an aspiration to new images. To him, poetry is language in State of emergency.

The poet speaks at the threshold of being. The imagination projected to be whole. The poem is essentially an aspiration to new images. That is why, within the psyche, imagination is the same experience of opening, novelty. The poetic object is good conductor for the real thing.

The same law of the poetic experience is beyond thinking.Imagination temporalizada by the verb, we think the humanising faculty per excellence.She is the same experience of opening, a novelty experience. Without it, what would the scientists, philosophers, linked to dry concepts and functions?, and common man tied to the routine of his work and of the inevitability of their own live without remedy? For this reason, imagination is a Faculty of envelope humanity. He invents something more than things, and dramas, he invents new life, invents the new spirit, open eyes that have new types of vision (water and dreams, p. 31).To Bachelard, subjective assimilation plays a role important in the concatenation of symbols and their motivations; our sensibility serves as the medium between the world of objects. Images worth not notice roots that hide but poetic flowers that reveal. The imaginary is nothing more than this journey in which the representation of the object is left assimilate and modeled by the third imperatives of the subject and the subjective representations are explained by the previous accommodations of the subject to the target media. Symbolic thinking is not anarchic assimilation, but always assimilation that somehow remembers the acomodadoras activities. It is necessary to revive the words with the pictures. The images do not age, concepts if.We wanted to highlight some of the ideas most fertile of this scientist who joined the seriousness of knowledge with the joy of imagination: the man and can not dream more, he thought. The ancient cosmogonies not organize thoughts, are bold dreams and to give them life, must to learn to dream again. By virtue of the imagined life, the poet puts a new light on us, and so we create impressionistic pictures of our past; the poets we are convinced that all our children’s dreams deserve to be resumed.