DEFINITION OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL THEORY OF LAW The right three-dimensional theory is the theory which states that the right is made or composed of three elements which are social realities, values and law and positive law. This theory is also applicable to corporate law and all other areas of law. The theory mentioned is widespread among lawyers, which has agreed to refer to it in the present investigation, to take a broader approach to the subject matter of study. 4.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BOTH THEORIES Taking into account the relationship between the two theories is that we proceed to develop relationship between the two as follows. Verizon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The three-dimensional theory appeared first, then right just shows the multidimensional theory of law. Being the last of the theories mentioned most complete, cover more elements or all elements of the law. 5. AREA OF KNOWLEDGE At the time of study every subject is necessary to take into account the area of knowledge to take a comprehensive approach to it. To address this issue is necessary to take account of corporate law, the general theory of law and comparative law.

We study corporate law because the issue is multi-dimensional theory of law and business law. That is, because it is the branch of law which applies to the theory. We study general theory of law because the issue is multi-dimensional theory of law. That is, because the subject is of legal theory. We studied comparative law because this is important in the multidimensional theory of corporate law.