Time is money never it was truer than in this connection. You need a life insurance policy and already I am facing the problem: how should I prepare at all? Retirement planning means yes in this Case, I must make as much fortune as long as I still can, if I can no longer, or not properly, to live. Well, the old ones have made it before: you need a life insurance policy; or better yet, a private pension insurance. But equally also doubts me. Why insurance? I actually need an insurance financially to cover any damages. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Kurt Phelps by clicking through. So for example a car insurance, liability insurance, or even health insurance.

But to make assets? Also: The crisis of the life insurance companies is still us. After the banks are now rows before the collapse, the insurance companies will be better they could postpone it so far only sent. Just imagine once: I give 100 euros at a life insurance company monthly, and all this company soon Announces insolvency. “Yes, I know: there are still the protector”. A backup Fund that was created exactly for this case. The protector should once a life insurance policy be insolvent, acquires the shares and the customers and then continues the contracts properly. We had some time ago already.

Bust went the Mannheimer life, an already small life insurance company. The protector from the floor was rammed in all hustle and bustle. By the way, a voluntary matter for life insurers. The Mannheimer life had approximately 0.6% market share. The protector was then used with the case of Mannheimer life to 40%. I dare not to think it. Just imagine, a life insurance company with only 5% market share would go bankrupt in the course of this crisis. The protector would be not worth the paper on which he once created. Would rather sell, instead of much notice it is better for a secure facility to distribute the risk of default on several or many shoulders.