I will not promise to reveal 'horrific' mystery of manufacturing videodvoynikov. This is especially highly technical questions. You also are not interested in mysteries repair, say, a printer, – scope of technical artists, narrow specialists? I will convince you of the benefits of videodvoynikov for your site. To begin, let a little about psychology and physiology. Surely you had to look at the information network.

Remember how exhausting sort would be easy to process instead of clicking the buttons and reading texts. Attention quickly dissipates from the text of sore eyes … With the advent of Flash-video in the form of short ads roller process became easier. You can sit back and stretched their weary fingers, look and listen to the material. You have not yet raised the question: what videodvoynik differs from the usual flash and video clips? Naturally, arose. And the key words here just two: the movie and the familiar.

Familiarity, standardization devastating for advertising, it's you know it. A roller includes flash or video picture frame, which limits the possibility of lifting the person. Others including MasterClass, offer their opinions as well. The truth, the character tychuschy finger in the frame looks ridiculous? A videodvoynik this frame is not limited to, he 'entered' into the page and can make the effects of gesture in the direction of the button with a link or a registration form, position in the directory. Effective submission turns advertising effectiveness. The second advantage videodvoynika compared with the roller is its ability to utilize 'body language', that is not only mimics but also gestures that subconsciously perceived but increases the effect of suggestion, clarity of the material.