The author defines the costs with the objective to know the necessary investments for the implantation of this project. 7 STUDY OF PROJECT 7,1 SITUATION OF the AREA IN STUDY the situation area in study cited for the author, really condiz with real situation, analyzed in-situ, for the authors of this article. We verify back in visit the same situation that the cited one in the old project, irregular invasions, land divisions, suppression of vegetation, hunting of wild animals, pollution of the courses d' water, we add to this important aspects of the ambient point of view, factors not cited for the author as the presence of invading exotic species, degradation in areas of permanent preservation as rising and streams, use of the area for creation of bovines, opening of roads dump. According to Milano (2001): ' ' to the measure that the existence of the units of conservation must reflect the concern of the society, or part of it, with the inapropriados uses of the natural resources, that constantly they are threatened of disappearance, means a guarantee of the state to the citizens of whom at least some significant samples of the patrimony of the nation permanently they will be protected of the threats of disappearances that sofrem' '. 7,2 PRELIMINARY MEASURES the cited peripheral survey in the project mentions the georreferenciamento to it of the area in study and is a basic tool for the accomplishment of the project. Through it will be possible to verify with clarity the gifts irregular invasions and land divisions. The necessity of the survey of the confronting proprietors I register in cadastre verifying it of property of the city with the purpose to adjust and prescribed the confronting properties to the limits of the park are of vital importance. 7,3 ALTERATION OF the ORGANIC LAW the project aims at modification of the organic law of the prescribed city the perimetria of the preservation area.