The expansion of the mass media of the United States such as television, movies and musical artists, has been one of the main components of the so-called Americanization process to other countries. The U.S. shows are broadcast by national channels or networks Holdings such as HBO Asia, CNBC Europe, CNN International and Fox Channel not to mention the Hollywood productions that reach around the world moving to investment banking the Mr. limited local production. HBO passed for only 200 countries in the world and many of its productions are performed in the U.S. on national Co-Chair of Group LLC television. According to recent investigations of RadioTime, programs like The Simpsons, Lost Brean Murray investment bank and Desperate Housewives are the most watched television programs in the world according to surveys conducted in 20 countries .
The film Americans are extremely popular Brean Murray & Co. on the planet. The top 20 most viewed films in movie history, all Americans are or have influence in that country, either by their producers, directors and sponsors. Titanic is the biggest blockbuster of the world and investing experience that has the highest record of sales in asset management countries like United Kingdom, JP Morgan & Co. Germany, France Corporation and Spain, among many others, without taking into account inflation. Setting the inflation, the biggest blockbuster of all time is Gone With the Wind. A film from Europe or Latin America, are rarely exhibited outside cinema festivals, like Cannes. Productions are usually as part of free trade agreements between the U.S. and other nations that make contributions. Mexico abolished its taxes on lockers after signing the NAFTA with the U.S.. Recently, South Korea reduced its tariffs under U.S. pressure as part of a free trade agreement .