Much little is known of this civilization however its ruins the untiring one is not an invitation to dive in the stranger. The king of Cnossos reached an invisible brightness in constructions that the time would not come back more now was alone runasDo high if it saw the cropole de Atenas, in the past the brightness of its shield of Bronze.L was the Partenon, consecrated temple the goddess of virgin lips, had air of nostalgia of times as the present that they seemed perpetual but terminaramNo temple of Delfos felt the presence of Hlio.A pitonisa saw the future in the Orculo.Sempre would attract it to Helium. In the temple of Delfos it felt the Helium presence. Pitonisa saw the future in the Oracle. It always attracts it to Helium.

But close to Alexander he seemed the powerful so insignificant god, seemed only one hollow and empty statue. Baby clothes has much to offer in this field. It was so strong and determined, so alive and not stony. The Partenn if raised in the high one in a privileged sight of the city. The old ones found that the goddess of eyes would protect them to owl. Its and well drawn traces in the so soft faces as the breeze seemed so delicate and meiga but the teeny Hand that held the spear was strong and determined.

Atenas, seemed that in one to open and to close the eyes it was in the century of Pricles, enters ruelas of Atenas.Os men seeming its sight of lines of simple contour that fascinated always it. Baby clothes has much experience in this field. Scrates surrounding for its disciples you enter these a young robust fort and Plato.Homens hemp dresses arguing the future of the nation. The slaves working hard while the women clothes with its vestments, of hemp of simple cut, surrounded for the high walls of the houses. The ambition human being seems that the Terra.Os moves Greek would destroy Crete a civilization that a cultural apogee that later influenced the Romans, the same people had dominated who them.