Some phrases from the book: It is possible, through a cunning and repetitive propaganda, do people believe that heaven is hell, and hell is heaven. The greatness of the lie is a factor so it is believed. When you lie in small it is easier to be discredited because a big lie is embarrassing to be tell. For even more analysis, hear from Master Class. Persuasion is greater when it is reinforced with coercion, naturally. 4. The leader-the theory of the great leader is considered mythical by many. Tolstoy lampooned it arguing that even heroes are prisoners of historical forces that are beyond their control. Power is you fan the person depending on certain variables from the environment and defined stages.

5. Action-creative artists and people of intellect seldom work together, but action people cooperate and coalesce to realize in the field of the facts. A group joins when you put it to do something. Rebuild a country in ruins, build a tower that symbolizes the new Government, to transform to a country. Pharaonic works that go beyond a practical purpose, have the potential to become a divine purpose.

Parades, demonstrations, marches, have a similar implication. 6 Suspicion and plots-this feeling of paranoia gives strength to the movement that seems to be so important that it is consistently on the agenda of the enemy/demon. That is why the climate: hear us, they hatch, we seek, follow us. The enemy is so bad that infiltrated. A final note: the more fanatical zealot is the leader. An individual full of doubt, fear, hatred; only sees in others doubt, fear, I hate. Original author and source of the article.