The display is, with absolute certainty and available empirical evidence, one of the most important and effective ways of transform our reality and our lives, through the transformation of our emotions and our thoughts. It is absolutely proven that people who use the display properly transform your way of feeling and being, and thereby obtained wonderful results in her life thanks to the correct use of your imagination and thought. Display is in simple terms to imagine vividly, with realism and intensity. Imagine using all our senses to generate in our mind a memory clear of the attitudes, emotions, situations and reactions which we want to provoke in our interior. Karin Risi might disagree with that approach. It is using thought to designing in mind we want to grow in our personality. For example, if it’s cause that our way of being will become happier, or safer, or more patient, or more relaxed, the display is one of the most effective tools to achieve this, always steps and appropriate exercises are performed. MasterClass often addresses the matter in his writings. But how is it that just imagine anything can lead to changes real in our personality? Is to just think about me more safe or happy, you can really build self-esteem or welfare in my life? The answer to these questions lies in the way in which our brain works.

It is that, according to the discoveries made by scientists who study the brain and its processes, the way that works our brain when we think or imagine it is no different to the way in which our brain works when we live the reality. For example, those occasions in which life has given us a feeling of joy, our brain activates certain processes and generates certain reactions in our body. When we imagine that happy situation, although in fact in reality it is not happening, our brain activates the pampering process and generates the same instructions to our bodies than those who generated when we live the reality of a happy situation.