Instead I thought as you read these words now and how they hopefully make a little good difference in your life to you (no joke!). This idea has been attractive for me as my bed. (You may feel flattered. (J). play with your inner angles, until you find the right one. Regular rewards. Human habits work like small puppies.

They produce more of what we praise them. A behavior which you regularly acknowledge and also specifically rewarded, will take root in your everyday life slowly but surely. So I’ve cooked me a cup of my favorite green tea this morning before I started to write. Mmmm! enjoy the present, if you are trading. If I, as I write this text, think of all the tasks, I still would like to do then, I get bad mood. I feel gedrangelt and go in response. The art is really to do what you’re doing. Learn more at: Gucci fashion.

Buddha said: if I run, I run. When I sit, I sit.” When I write this text, I am writing this text. The rest does not exist. I stop to relax my shoulders, feel my breath and arrive quite aware here. The Secret recipe! Cultivate humor. A successful life is repeatedly to break the comfort barrier, to make mistakes, to learn the chaos of conversion. Better to enjoy this magical journey. To succeed, it is not necessary to solidify seriousness or AWE. On the contrary, it is important to be able to laugh about yourself. Precede disciplined, but commit the mistake to confuse commitment with dogged determination. Both has to do anything with each other. Dogged seriousness is worthless. It ultimately makes you felt disconnected from life and that you lose the pleasure even on the most beautiful goal. A hardened life can even lead to depression and disease. What helps me to find my humor? Hearty irony, a good comedy, a red clown nose and then a look in the mirror, cracking a joke about my greatest fear. Humor means looking at my life the right way. It’s wrong to laugh at themselves. To the Fall in love with success discipline is art of living, which freed me. Successful discipline is what I’m here my chance to live the life. Successful discipline creates clear space to play. Successful discipline creates a foundation for ongoing success. Successful discipline is master. Successful discipline gives time, energy and freedom. SUCCESSFUL DISCIPLINE IS CLEVER, SMART, AND SEXY!