I will not make sales. I'll clients. I'm going to target the heart of my client. Never its portfolio. My client is the lifeblood of my business. Although I can sell my customers what they want, I will offer what they need and improve their lives. Courtesy and Service are the cornerstones of my relationship with my client.

I'll see complaints as opportunities. . . opportunities to create customers for life. The quality of my products and how to treat my customers determine the level of my success. My prosperity comes from "growing" people. My best advertising is my product, and customer service behind it. Making money without making friends is not business.

I will guide my business with the perfect blend of heart and mind. I will do my brand integrity. After all, it is the integrity of all I have and all that will be remembered? I will compete only against myself as the only true measure is against myself. It is OK to fail. In fact, it is often a prerequisite for success. My reputation is everything – my ego, anything. Each misery unfairly earned fortune is a debt you owe. No matter the fame or fortune to follow me, my values, my family and friends must remain at the core of my being. Best of trust and respect me, to be materially rich. Better than being a dolphin swimming with sharks, a shark. (You can download an mp3 of The Seller's Creed here: and Rick Beneteau Rick is co-creator of the gap make every day the Big Day program. Read the powerful, life-changing testimonials and discover how this revolutionary product can change drastically their lives too!