I do not think because everything you can get to say regarding who could have designed the universe, will be of somewhat limited as it is my thought. All that can be said with respect to that reality will be an invention of mine. If I say Dios, is product of the mind, because the words were designed by us, everything is our mental creation. Just about everything you can get to say with respect to the creation, everything is a product of my thought. And I feel that you to give rise to what I do not understand the thinking, I have to give him space to something that flows from another space, which is not within the thought.

But there are few who understand the use of thought for certain profound questions of existence. Neither interests me elaborate theories with regard to God, or whatever you call it, because that has to be a personal discovery. Each one has to find what really believes that it is the reality of life, no one is qualified to tell us what the truth because the truth resides in us, and in addition nobody knows anything, starting with the most ignorant of all that is: I.Everything we see is a product of the mind. Cell phones, internet, cars, bridges, airplanes, etc. who think the world? Why do you have to have a beginning? They are not investigations that fall I’m not one to wield semajente truth.

The only thing that could say is that I feel faced with the reality and, however the words aren’t enough to express it, they are very limited, and would be something partially because it is what you think it is. I do not know. I cannot say anything. The sense of spiritual being every day grows more because society is THIRSTY from the other. If we want to achieve the comprendion be filled with peace and love human beings, we have to start by looking at ourselves from another position. The contemplation of our own life mediocre or not, lead us to the path to enlightenment, and each one can see clearly the path traced by the men awake. That you were leaving the torches of wisdom so that others could take them and thus continue the path of reality. Humans found in the limbo of his madness original author and source of the article.