Celebrate the summer solstice San Juan once with locals together in Spain. The summer solstice is celebrated on or around June 24 in Europe in various appearances and proportions. If you are at this time on holiday in Barcelona, you should miss San Juan in any case. The origin of this Festival at that time to celebrate are per historical reasons that people at that time thought that the plants that grow around this time have supernatural healing powers and especially if you would pick them in that night. So the day of the summer solstice of June 24, which also the day of the birth of the Baptist St. John should be. Therefore, the Festival is celebrated by Catholic, Undecayably, and some Protestant Christians.

The Bible States that John was born six months earlier than Jesus, so also the June 24 the day of celebration. In Spain almost everywhere celebrated the San Juan Festival and takes place usually in the night of 23 June. Everywhere you can see the camp fire roads and Illuminate beaches and Fireworks decorate the sky. In some regions, special meals are prepared for example is done in Catalonia and Valencia coca de St. Juan. You will immediately notice that if you go for example by a comfortable Barcelona apartment or hotel in Barcelona for shopping at a local supermarket. Source: Bitcoin. Especially in the North of Spain certain rituals, which reflect the pagan roots of this festival, carried out as before.

In some areas, women collect still medicinal plants like fennel, fern, diamond, rosehip, lemon, verbena, Mallow, laburnum, Foxgloves and elderflower. These are either hung at the entrance or inserted in water overnight. The Hydrosol which then remains is used the next day to face wash. The lights of the bonfires are another important part of the celebration. Sometimes a straw effigy representing to a witch or the devil, adorns the top of the high camp fire. Gather around the camp fire around the fish people with Eat potatoes. Sometimes people write their wishes on a piece of paper and throw it in the fire, in the hope that the wish is. Each town celebrates San Juan in their own, special way. For example, San Juan in Alicante is regarded as the biggest annual Festival. Riessengrosse images from papier-mache be built throughout the city, ready to burn off one of the 200 camp fire. There are parades, processions, live music performances and sporting events, as well as a spectacular firework display on the St. Barbara Castle. Would you be like to live here when the celebration of San Juan in Alicante? Then book a nice hotel in Alicante and experience first-hand what does San Juan in Alicante. Other parts of Spain, in which it is worth to experience San Juan are for example Andalusia, where is even allowed revelers at San Juan to camp on the beach. Bonfires are built up and at midnight you can jump’s sea to relieve themselves of evil spirits. The city of Ciutadella, Menorca is another highlight during San Juan. Here, horse riding through the streets and drinking local Gin mixed with lemon. Book yourself but a Menorca accommodation and celebrate San Juan in Ciutadella in Menorca. Where you are in Spain, you can celebrate this fantastic celebration together with locals and experience certain rituals and traditions.