For plato the women would not have to belong to a man, but to all the men in order to invest in the procreation, in the same way the children must not have a father, but several. Plato as it perceives was favorable to one species of ' ' poligamia' ' , already Aristotle found ridicule such idea, therefore in its opinion the man alone tends to value what it he is of personal interest. (p 39) Aristotle, opposing itself it its master goes to say: ' ' he has two things that they inspire in the man the interest and the love: the property and the afabilidade; however, one and another one are impossible in the republic of Plato' ' (pg. 41) the community of the women and the cares of the children for the state destroy these principles, mainly of afabilidade. Security guard and control of the natality the social security and the control of the natality are elements that the governors must have attention, therefore, Aristotle consider some tips.

How much to the security of the city it affirms that: ' ' the land must be of difficult access to the enemies, and present an easy door for its inhabitants. Moreover, as well as the mass of the population, as we said, it must be easy to watch. The easiness of the monitoring of the territory makes the easiness of defense. How much to the position of the city, if it wants that it offers to all the advantages that if can desire, agrees that she is favorable of the side of the sea and the side of terra.' ' (pg. 122) According to it the localization of the city is main the responsible one for the security of the same one. The territory of the city must be divided in two parts a public and to another particular one.