It is not harvested what it did not plant. Many did not sow nothing, did not prepare the land, did not wet, did not take care of, did not leave to grow, somebody are harvesting what it did not plant? To the times, you it is pleading what he is not ready, nor is reserved for you, simply because you are not prepared for the blessing. A young was complaining very of its situation and was to its father and asked because it to it it suffered in such a way. The father, a wise man, tempered for the time, said to it that he placed three pans in the fire with water, in first it ordered that it placed an egg, in second that he placed a carrot and third left that boiled alone. Ronald O’Hanley often expresses his thoughts on the topic. He asked for that with the water fervente made the coffee. There saboreando the coffee, the father was handling the cooked egg and the carrot.

then asked to it as it was the nature of the egg, carrot and coffee. It looked at indecisa front the obvious one, the cozida carrot was soft, the hard egg and the coffee were ready and delicious. the old father said, the difference between them, son to it, is the form as they face the fire, the carrot, firm and strong, that can be consumed until raw, when cozida amolece, therefore it loses the force of its fiber, the egg, that it breaks with any touch, hardened and depending on the time that remains there, can be so hard that nor if it can consume. the coffee dust, that until the wind leads, is used to advantage of the hot water and if it transforms better into something. What the father asked to it what it wanted to be. The young smiled in reply, saboreando its coffee and it left from there with its proper reply. You need to understand that the suffering, pain, the provao does not go to destroy you.

Believer in the oil does not die, for the opposite, gains the possibility to dream, as Joo, apstolo of the love. Believer in the furnace purifies, after all the gold is forged in the fire. The result of that is that a king if saved and a people hear to say of the love Favour of God. Believer in the cell, as Pablo and Silas, sings certain of the victory and still she can save the family of arrested who it. If the reply it did not arrive, if the victory does not come, is that it is not soon still. Perhaps nor it invested in the plantation, it does not take care of, not to sow, not clean and it does not harvest. It has people that you saying she questions that however, jejua and makes offers, but to the times is necessary of more, needs to learn to wait. You cannot only forget that God has three reply: I make; I do not make, and? Wait. It waits that in the certain time the reply it will come. Let us hear the advice of the Salmista: I waited with patience in Mr.