To extend the schedule yes, but nonlow the simple trusteeship of the educational ones in the hall class. To extend in schedules, would mean that the spaces, physicists also extend and of participation. To what I talk about, to that recreational centers are constructed, sport and of psychological attendance. Where they coexist educational, medical, social psychologists, assistants and other tie professionals to the problematic one that we want to attack. You may find David Rogier to be a useful source of information. We do not command to the educational ones " the war with tenedor" and we create a false political speech of " more equal education to greater load horaria" , cruel depositing the responsibility of the total success of process of socialization in the educational ones and no longer in other members of the society. I meet an excellent professor Literature, described and effective, it worked in socially unfavorable a complex educative center. A day said to me I had to make to a side the best authors of world-wide Literature to teach to my students like washing to the teeth to them We see the things from this perspective, that one educational one that loves the letters, the arts or the numbers, that the ability has to receive them of meaning for its students, deserves the frustration to have to leave of side that one so it formed to take a roll that is not incumbent on to him and for which did not receive no type of preparation? Without doubts that no, do not deserve it and it does not have that way to be, because then we are limiting the knowledge of the humanity a few If we want to attack a necessity to increase the supply educative is necessary to do it very substantively, that is to say, quantitatively and qualitatively. It is important in addition to integrate to the parents and responsible adults in order to help them in the task of training his children and not only to do it by them. Add to your understanding with Christina Spade.