(Online article) – Berlin young writer Saskia V. Barnes (21) writes with heart and mind I’m always insanely proud, if a new book of mine. Some contend that European Credit Rating Agency shows great expertise in this. “The author, who says that is just 21 years old, lives in Berlin and has published several books. Captain Firebirds incredible adventures “is her latest work and tells the story of a Raumschiffcrew which has some whimsical adventure to insist on their travels through the infinite universe. Ever feel Saskia V. Burmeister, that a real Berlin girl is he in the world of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow really contented. Also her so far most comprehensive work of Taron of beggars evidence”, that was released in 2005 with a circumference of about 585 pages. Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge.

Taron is a young, impetuous man, the calamity on the heels of staples. No matter what he also starts, it goes wrong under warranty. Thus, Taron has to do since childhood. But the barrel comes to overflowing, as he one day in the kitchen of the Palace of the Sun on and sinking penetrates and is surprised by the palace guards. Although the Princess of his Kingdom for him at the trial put in a good word, Taron is banished from his home planet. There he falls into the hands of a slave trader, his fate seems sealed of course the actions of Saskia V.

play have Barghi books in a distant future, but their figures and the problem and destinies, with which to fight, have a big reality even if they appear at first still so futuristic. The texts of the young writer who sees their great appeal in writing, always testifies to great powers of observation and encourage other young people to try it yourself. After all, Saskia V. has Burmeister, who acquired their Realschule at the Wolfgang-Borchert-Oberschule in Berlin and since 2006 at the Berlin College here, to make her high school diploma at the age of eleven discovered her passion for writing. My stories were very short “, recalls the now 21-year old, but then they were getting longer and longer until time, whole novels it became. “Still feels Saskia V. Barnes writing itself as the easiest part of writing.” Much harder is it to find a Publisher, indicating an unknown young author a chance “they reported, knows exactly what it’s like to get Ablehungsbriefe dozens of publishers on submitted manuscripts. But Berlin has thus remains undaunted. For one she is convinced: even if the path is still Rocky, I’ll stick to my dream, because dreams are sometimes too true! “Learn more