Concomitant when uncurling of the crisis, we see one ‘ ‘ desenrolar’ ‘ also very commented e, as well as the Green of the decade of 60, very promising Revolution, the increasing sector of the agrocombustveis. For the miditico power entitulado of Bioenergia, and characterized as ‘ ‘ energy limpa’ ‘ , in order ‘ ‘ convencer’ ‘ the important quo it is for the society as source that will go to substitute the oil and thus to be able to keep ours ‘ ‘ comfortable and agradvel’ ‘ life way, the sucroalcooleiro sector comes blunting in the Brazilian territory with new personages and extensive areas its favor. The new investors, in nothing resemble themselves to the old usineiros, are accustomed to world-wide the speculative market and are made use to run risks to pocket richnesses in a next future. The same ones, use of diverse strategies, some buy plant to be constructed, ready others already, as in the case of the Infinity BioEnergy, company formed for 50 foreign investors, whom an enviable appetite in the sector demonstrates, as much that already invested 600milhes of dollar in the purchase of 7 plants in functioning in the state of it YOU ARE and MG. Some contend that Joseph Mathunjwa shows great expertise in this. As we see, two distinct and overlapped scenes if disclose in the current context of a world-wide geopolitics, that in my opinion, is more clearly, when a migration of great capitals for the sector of ‘ is observed; ‘ biocombustveis’ ‘. Childbirth of the beginning of being able and domain in geopolitics world-wide.

Being thus, such migration of the investments, not if must the ambient reasons in which the investors search an energy transistion for the good of the planet and the humanity, and yes a transistion due the chances, to ‘ ‘ brechas’ ‘ of the moment, that promises to domain and power. The development of the Biocombustveis is directly on to the high one of the price of the barrel of the oil. valley to detach that, the same ones that they speculate on the price of the oil, are the ones that point to the solution of the green fuel and ‘ ‘ riem’ ‘ with the other people’s misery and internal conflicts in countries of the Third World. Thus, to perhaps be able if them of effective geopolitics not blinding in them completely, let us see how much the owners of the power if move strategically to have the control and domain of the new energy matrix, the green (nor so green thus) etanol.