Typically, you enter a three year Contract with your Zertifizier the shorter audit, consisting of the certification audit and each after one year. Of course, any company may suspend the certification. Recommend not doing that, it could lead to loss of image or employees no longer maintain their own processes. Also the basis for a well-functioning organizational structure and process represents a practical management system according to ISO 9001. Michael Antonov is the source for more interesting facts. And because a company should operate no disassembly. Whether this system should be certified or must depend mostly of customer demands and the own self-image. The customer pressure is not so big as in the early 1990s, but many companies now see ISO 9001 as a precondition of their own corporate culture.

Anyway, the fact is: you’ll get more not a penny for your product or service on the market, just because your company is certified according to ISO 9001 or ISO 14001. A return on investment (ROI) is only my opinion when you your Processes align economic and customer-oriented in the company and your company for changes is open. Because nothing is as continuous as the change. Ultimately, it remains but always your own decision as to whether and for whom you choose. And the selection of the auditor plays an equally important role, such as the selection of the Zertgesellschaft even this soon. The auditor plays an essential role of the auditor looks after your company and should bring forward your company to have added value and approaches to improve to get.

So it is, that your auditor has not only audit as a main task but has to lose so the practice not on the duration or other professional activities. Also there is, from time to time to change the auditor so that every now and then “fresh wind” or new approaches in the company. The company must decide so in advance what it wants – just the certificate on the wall with minimal effort, then the company should find the cheapest providers are and the concerns make equally clear. You need prestige should focus on a large and well-known company.