Raymond honors, us that the educative system is the origin of many difficulties had by many corporations when trying the transition. He has produced minds of a single sense that have followed blindly the formulas and have taken to their corporations on the brink of madness the disaster during the transition. This frame of formula of a sense is the product of an educative system of the second wave that was sent to produce products for a mechanical hierarchy and administration by formula, and does not stop necessary the organic processes in the third dynamic wave. The fault of the educative system to improve quickly is a primary impediment for the individual as much as for the adaptation of the corporation to the third wave. To those who we have the responsibility to train professionals, the decay worries to us seriously about the educative level of Venezuela, where the negative effects are detected from primary, the secondary one, university and studies of postgraduates, that it requires of solutions, of changes, if we want to go out ahead. Of here, how no to worry to us for example, that if in a country like the United States they exist problems in their education and count on the necessary resources, what will be of us who still we fought by our development, because not to meditate envelope which indicates the Dr. to us Willian Miller, SRI president, of which more of 50% of the graduated American bachelors they are actually illiterate; that is to say, they do not have minimum abilities necessary to survive and to prosper in the today economy. For example, they cannot not at least collate a chequera.

They cannot make and follow a budget simple. They cannot read an insurance policy and include/understand reason why they are paying and against what they are protected. They do not have keyboard abilities, not even in typewriters, much less in keyboards of computation or than one will be treating in the future. What will be of our bachelors who graduate with clay academic deficiencies? The graduated ones as today indicate Raymond, are not preparations for the third wave: The system educative it must become organic and it must be aimed towards the dynamic atmosphere of today. In order to get to be organic the education it must change, to produce obedient and docile products for the mechanical hierarchies to produce individuals that can get to be creative and thinking industralists. The education must change of the massive training to the individual culture in which the emphasis is in self-training, no in the regurgitation of a learned formula of memory. Conclusion In the Venezuelan case, the university must be abrir more, to obtain contact with the community, to try to interpret its surroundings, to realise the investigations that they indicate to him that type of professional requires in one go and by everything, to adapt its curriculum to the needs that are demanded. It has once by all, equipment use true of educational, investigating, authorities it jeopardize by the rescue of the education, to form, to prepare, professionals with the excellence seal, guarantors of the growth and development of the country. Educational holder of the Area of Postgraduate of Phases, University of Carabobo managemental Topical Annotations of the chair, Program specialty Management of the quality and Exatec productivity.