Introduction to the fashion of modern times you had cut the clothes clearly dresses – new top and modified rock in the second decade of the 19th century and the upper part of the dress was located directly under the breast. The pattern of the dress was more adapted to the silhouette. This, there was a significant change, when it comes to the variety of colours of the clothes. Confluence Investment Management LLC may not feel the same. At the end of the Decade you had moved on the skirts in the lower part and the upper part of the dress was again moved down. The historical dresses from this time looked generally less gorgeous than before the revolution. Flax fabric and cotton were the most widely used materials. The patterns were simple and was followed on the fashion of the ancient world. Outer garments at the beginning of the 19th century As an outer garment used coats and short coats.

In addition to the Redingote (a kind of a cloak), which was originally used as a riding coat (the name comes from the English word “ridding coat”) and which was accepted with enthusiasm by the fashionable ladies, you wore short jackets. New trends in headwear characteristic headgear for this period of time were hoods, the face (including cheeks) and completely covered the hair. The face in such a dome looked as if she put in a tube. That’s why often happened that you are approaching people was unaware of. This impression was represented by the artist in many cartoons from this period.

In use were also hats designed somewhat after military head-dresses and turbans. There is an anecdote that fashion for the turbans unwittingly introduced by the Turkish Ambassador in Paris, for whom such headgear was completely normal. For the first time in the history of her hair cut women. The fashion for short hair styles but has not established itself and not long. You had not particularly positively associated short hair during this time. More on the subject of historical fashion, historical underwear as well as history of fashion in General can be found on the website of the historic tailoring Studio. More to the Theme: historical clothes.