Often there are just those that most have the protection of their human rights, must be also informed, that there is the explanation at all and that there is this explanation for it.” The Universal Declaration of human rights is now in 360 languages and is thus, that the most translated document in the world. So that children and young people already with this human rights document be made familiar the longtime educator and school principal Mary Shuttleworth the youth organization founded human International (YHRI), a non-profit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California in 2001. YHRI pursues the goal of, children and adolescents on the basis of the Universal Declaration of human rights of the United Nations on human rights to enlighten. For this purpose the brochure what are specifically human rights “created, translated the children and young people in simple language which bring closer to 30 articles of the Declaration, and so far in 18 languages. To raise more Nations and Government representative for human rights, Mary Shuttleworth undertook in the following years five world tours in the tens of thousands it and km held talks with Regierungsvertertern, educators and human rights organizations. In this way, more groups in over 50 countries of the world have been created. In Germany it is the Group of youth for human rights in Germany.

“So that more people can be reached thirty video clips were produced in 2006, which each have article of the Universal Declaration of human rights” represent and which aired on thousands of TV broadcasters around the world. To know more about this subject visit Maxine Williams. Since autumn 2008, these clips can also looked on the website of youth for menschenrechte.de in German be. This campaign is also supported by the Human Rights Office of the Scientology Church International. The founder of the Scientology religion said lifetime: “Human rights must be not realized as fact as an idealistic dream”.