– Okay. I think it is a good idea. Then she asked permission to go to work looking for Hiroshi. He went into an emergency room asking for him, told him where he was and went away. It was a totally normal room and had all the scriptures in Japanese and English. There was Aya Hiroshi bed with a cast on his left leg. But I also saw someone familiar, Hidaka was Mika! That left me a bit dubious.

There she was sitting. Aya Hiroshi face. She and I went to Hiroshi to talk to him. I greet him, but he did not want to answer and told the girl on my side with a sign to take me to the room me and him. He said that he was wrong and that we visited on another occasion. I was shocked after I worried about him. After all it was a disbeliever.

I left with a whole distress, while Mika Hidaka pretended to not know anything. She went faster than me, then that captured what he said Hiroshi Aya. She approached me as we walked by Hall of nursing and asked me if I liked this place. I said that I loved despite having less than a day there. She was glad it seems, from what I said. She told me it was the same course of Aya Hiroshi and myself. And I was here early on, because their parents own companies in Japan and the United States and never had time to meet a child let alone a daughter. He said he loved this place and is so attached to holiday stays here to receive summer school.