Before proceeding with this second part of the interview that kept with Don Flaco I mean (though not likes to tell it is), but for me Don Flaccus is a Lord of Lords. It is not any person. He don’t likes that say you Lord, because he says: the Lord is in heaven, but the term Lord that is used in this case, is to demonstrate and to identify a man who leads a life decent and sober, a person who deserves much respect, for its quality integrates human being in every sense of the word. I don’t want to go into details, because actually no I consulted him, if I can touch them in these interviews, but Don Flaco lives a quiet life in his home, with his family and point. It is still telling me their experiences of working in the United States. Tells me as his German boss, in the editorial that he was working in New York, he proposes to do business.

The nature and dimensions of this editor were impressive. They were five publishers, five printing presses, but a single deposit for the five. A single deposit of raw materials and finished products. In that place was working Don Flaccus in that place was responsible for 200 people. The business that the owner of the business proposed was as follows: Don Flaccus had to manage a rolling cafe owned by the same owner.

Workers had 15 minutes of rest for a small snack. In this rolling coffee prices were much cheaper at another place; But if another site workers were taking 15 minutes of rest, to consume in this economic coffee only employed 10. After 2 or 3 days, in which Don Flaccus had to the tonnage of box to see how was the business, the owner of the same tells him: with this money buys everything to continue with the business, but Don Flaco realized that there was no profit, then asked the owner: how we are going to follow, if anything is not winning? She said: Yes, but that extra time remaining employees by consuming at our cafe and not go to another, to me means extra time of productivity at work follows the interview and as you would expect and is what is wanted, the topic of conversation changes, and Don Flaco me begins to speak of the newspaper La press Beltran lost La Prensa by Lordbecause he was a gentleman, and the family that surrounded him in the directory was incredible people.