They insist on some very interesting articles like in article 2 when it indicates: The States parts condemn the racial discrimination and they are committed to follow, at all costs appropriate without delay and, a directed policy to eliminate the racial discrimination in all forms and to promote the understanding between all the races, and with so object: a) Each State starts off is committed not to incur no act or practice of racial discrimination against people, groups of people or institutions and to guarding so that all the public authorities and public, national and local institutions, act in compliance with this obligation; b) Each State starts off is committed not to foment, to defend or to support the racial discrimination practiced by any people or organizations; c) Each State part will take effective measures to review the national and local governmental policies, and to amend, to countermand or to annul to the laws and the regulation laid downs in the manual that they consequently have to create the racial discrimination or to perpetuate it where it already exists; d) Each State part will prohibit and make to stop at all costs appropriate, even, if they demanded the circumstances, legislative measures, the racial discrimination practiced by people, groups or organizations; e) Each State starts off is committed to stimulate, when it is the integracionistas case, organizations and multiracial movements and other directed means to eliminate the barriers between the races, and to discourage everything what tends to fortify the racial division. Article 4 typifies: The States parts condemn all the propaganda and all the organizations who are inspired by ideas or theories based on the superiority of a race or a group of people of a certain color or ethnic origin, or whom they try to justify or to promote racial hatred and the racial discrimination, whatever their form, and is committed to take immediate and positive measures destined to eliminate all incitement such discrimination or acts of such discrimination, and, with that aim, considering properly the principles incorporated in the Universal Declaration of Human rights, as well as the rights specifically enunciated in article 5 of the present Convention, will take, among others, the following measures: Certain, that the Union Confederation the International (CSI) as it indicates to it, wants to take the opportunity the World-wide Day against Racism and the Xenophobia to remember that racism and the xenophobia constitute serious violations to the human rights, and to urge to governments, employers and unions worldwide to that they promote the respect by the diversity and the multicultural interaction, to that the ethnic origin, the nationality or the color of the skin fight actively against the discrimination on the basis of, and to that they are still more alert in these times of crisis economic world-wide that on the matter generates broth of culture for extreme and limitless expressions of racism and social exclusion as well as a greater social tolerance. .